Porsche 911: Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection — /DRIVE CLEAN

LARRY KOSILLA: What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Season 2 of “Drive Clean.” I’m Larry Kosilla from ammonyc.com. And this year, we have 13 episodes jam-packed with car care education. Everything from interior detailing, wheel repair, window tints, clear bra, and much, much, more. That’s all coming up on this season of “Drive Clean.” [MUSIC […]

Make Your Car Shine More Than Others! -ThunderBird – E-ZYME & Speed Wipe – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today we’ve got a 1957 Ford Thunderbird in the shop. It has been sitting in my buddies shop for about the past six months collecting dust. So starting with a wash using EcoSmart to pick up any debris without scratching while leaving behind a layer of […]

How To Give Your Car A Glossy Shine – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today I’ve got this dark blue KIA Optima in the shop. It belongs to a very good friend of the Detail Garage and she drives this car everyday so it has a lot of oxidation, scratches and swirls. The paint has a lot of contamination so […]

Interior Detailing: Tools, Techniques, and Materials — /DRIVE CLEAN

Cleaning the interior of my car is as important to me as the exterior, because when I’m with my car, I’m mostly inside behind the wheel. I want the cabin to look, smell, and, more importantly, feel clean. For today’s interior detailing episode, we’re going to cover a variety of techniques. Some are very basic […]

How To Make Your Car Glossy Wet – Chemical Guys Car Care

Welcome back to the Detail Garage. We’re finishing up the detail on this Tesla, we’ve started by cleaning up the interior by getting the carpet and the leather looking right. Then we moved to the exterior starting with the wheels because they are by far the dirtiest area of the vehicle because this car hasn’t […]

Foam Gun vs. Foam Cannon – Best Car Washing Tools For You! Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys welcome back. So today we’re going to go over this awesome Maserati we have in the shop. I’m going to do a full foam wash on it today using our two bucket method. But before I get on to the foaming part and washing the vehicle. I want to go over some questions […]