2020 Honda Odyssey // Forget SUVs; THIS is What Your Family Needs!

What’s going on YouTube? As you know many American families are choosing to drive crossovers instead of minivans but for those of you most serious about having an Uncompromised family machine minivans are still the only way to go that’s why we are checking out the latest version of Honda’s Odyssey at gates Honda in […]

2020 Toyota Highlander // Is THIS $50K Platinum ENOUGH to Stay #1??

What’s going on YouTube? So the previous generation of the Highlander was getting very long in the tooth But despite that being on a sixth model year It still sold extremely well last year and Now for 2020 Toyota is hoping to build further on that success with this All-new model that promises to improve […]

2020 Honda CR-V // The Family Favorite Gets BIG UPDATES for 2020!

What’s going on YouTube? By this point the expected family vehicle is now a compact crossover instead of a midsize sedan Which is why we’re spending this freezing cold day with one of the most popular options the newly refreshed 2020 Honda CRV Of course we would like to take a moment to especially thank […]

2020 Audi A4 // NEW Decade Brings a NEW LOOK… But is it Enough??

So even though I already lightly updated the a for just last year they’re already bringing it under the knife again for 2020 and this time not just for some Styling revisions in the front but for a whole refresh of both on the outside inside and in regards to the technology! That’s why we’re […]

2020 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring // Is THIS the Mid-Size PERFORMANCE KING??

What’s going on YouTube? So the time has come we are finally reviewing the two-liter turbo accord This is something we’ve been wanting to do and you guys have been asking us to do for a long time now so we are definitely happy to be out at gates Honda today as Always we encourage […]

2020 Cadillac CT5 // Should Audi, BMW and Mercedes Be WORRIED??

What’s going on YouTube? So about a month ago We brought you guys a review of the hot rod CT6V and now today we’ve got our hands on its all-new younger brother the 2020 CT5 We’ve been excited to drive this CTS an ATS successor So we definitely want to thank our friends at Quantrell […]

2020 Honda Accord // Sportier than Camry, but BETTER Overall??

What’s going on YouTube? so all sedan sales continue to decrease the Accord is not suffering all that much and in fact is Expanding its market share to fill the void left by rivals vacating the segment That’s why we’ve taken the day to check out the latest 2020 version of this popular sedan today […]

2020 Audi Q8 // THIS $99,000 Flagship SUV is a Real Crowd-Pleaser!

what’s going on YouTube? now many people including Mason and I have complained about the large number of crossovers that looks shockingly similar to each other however there are a few crossovers that are absolutely showstoppers and this black ship out eq8 is one of them that’s why we’re spending today with the latest 20/20 […]

2019 Audi A8: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | So Nice $120K Seems Like a Bargain!

Good morning YouTube. It’s not every day that you get to check out a vehicle that stickers for nearly a hundred and twenty grand So thankfully our brand new 4k camera has arrived to show you this vehicle in all its high-tech and luxurious glory This a eight has nearly every option available to us […]

2020 Honda Pilot: FULL REVIEW | Meet the Pilot With a DARK SIDE!

What’s going on people of YouTube? so as many of you know Honda updated their popular 3-row crossover Extensively last year, but that doesn’t mean they took a break for 2020 What we have with us today is the brand new pilot black edition which is now the top trim level of the entire line […]