2017 Honda City 1.5 VX NAVI CVT Review – Behind the Wheel

The refreshed Honda City is the perfect definition for a facelift Nothing major like the Kardashian. No no More like a quick trip to Vicky Belo The face is still familiar with some new things that make it oh so attractive The differences begin with the front grille the headlamps, the fog lamps, and of […]

2017 Honda Civic Type R | Track Test | Edmunds

CARLOS LAGO: That’s the brand new Honda Civic Type R. It has 306 horsepower. And if you couldn’t tell from the wings and vents on it, it’s made to go really fast around racetracks. We’re at a dragstrip, though, so we’re going to find out how fast it can go in a straight line. Couple […]

FWD Outlaw Champ! — (Turbo EK Civic Review)

Meet Rob and his EK Honda Civic. This B18C turbocharged Honda had a great season, winning the Ontario Street Outlaws front wheel drive class and the CSCS 12.0 index class (overall points). Yes What Ontario Street outlaws front-wheel-drive champion I’m in all season. Actually. You’ve got you been killing it CSCS Taking home first place. […]

Own an Audi? This feature might Fail! – Auto Radar

– Hello guys, I’m Amit and welcome back to our Auto Radar’s new video and guys, the new Audi A4 comes with a special feature called – Park Assist Park Assist is that feature where the car automatically parks itself in any of the available parking slots, but for it to work properly you need […]

2017 Volkswagen Passat: Easy Open Trunk

In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the easy open trunk available on the 2017 Volkswagen Passat. You don’t need to lift a finger when you want to open the hands-free easy open trunk on your 2017 Volkswagen Passat. With the key in your pocket, simply swipe your foot under the rear bumper […]

Audi RS 5 quattro at Australia’s Best Driver’s Car | 7th Place | motoring.com.au

Audi’s new RS 5 quattro returns to the Victorian High Country ready to flex its twin-turbocharged muscle Having recently proven its domination over the very roads used at this year’s Australia’s Best Driver’s Car, the Audi RS 5 quattro returned to the Victorian High Country ready to flex its twin-turbocharged muscle. The V6-powered Audi arrives […]

Apple CarPlay in Your Volkswagen: Maps App Demo

In this video, we’ll be taking a more detailed look at the CarPlay Maps application on the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Sport. For an overview of the entire CarPlay system on Volkswagen’s models, please follow the link in the description. The CarPlay Maps application functions much like the Maps application on an Apple iPhone. When you […]

2018 Audi S4: Nice Shove of Power | Edmunds First Impression

CARLOS LAGO: In terms of performance, we’ve got a single turbo V6 that– how does it feel? KURT NIEBUHR: It feels really good. There’s not a lot of lag, and I think I have to chalk that up to the fact that this is a three liter V6, so it’s not too small. It’s making […]

2013 Volkswagen GTI: How to Connect Bluetooth

In this video we’ll be showing you how to connect your Bluetooth to the 2013 Volkswagen GTI. Start by powering up your entertainment console and making sure that the Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone. Now press the setup button on the console, then press Bluetooth settings, then search for device. The systyem will begin […]

Đánh giá Hyundai Venue 2020: SUV rẻ nhất của Hyundai sẽ về Việt Nam? |Autodaily|

2020 Hyundai Venue Review