Sjoerds Weetjes #38: wat is er zo speciaal aan de Lamborghini Centenario?

My name is Sjoerd van Bilsen. I show you special details of a car and explain some remarkable items of a car. Welcome at Sjoerds Weetje #38 Recently, Lamborghini delivered the first and only Centenario in The Netherlands. It is a unique car, because there are only 40 worldwide: 20 Coupes, 20 Roadsters. But what […]

BMW 4 Series coupe 2013 review – CarBuyer

The BMW 3 Series may well be brilliant — but it seems like everyone’s got one. So that’s why for this coupe version BMW has decided to call it the 4 series. The car is actually lower, wider and longer than both the old 3 Series Coupe and the new 3 Series Saloon. In fact […]

Here’s Why the 1998 Jaguar XJR was Worth $70,000

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner, hey name is Mitch what you’re seeing now is a 1998 Jaguar XJR, also known as the X308, this car came with a whopping 370 horsepower and 307 pound-feet of torque this Jaguar sold […]

Why Are Ferraris So Expensive?

It’s the ultimate symbol of wealth, or douchebaggery depending on your personal tastes. Ferraris have been world renowned as the top luxury sports car brand in the world for almost eight decades, and the tell-tale sharp angles of its most modern high end models are impossible to miss. Ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars, […]

2017 BMW Alpina B7 Review | Edmunds

That Right There is the BMW Alpina B7 What Is Alpina it’s a Great question They’re not really an in-House tuning Company But They’re not an outhouse Tuning Company Either That Sounds like an Entirely different form of Business Altogether Alpina Exists as technically a Separate Company in Germany That happens to build Cars Based […]

Audi A6 – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

You probably already saw the photo’s of the new A6, because it was on the Geneva Motorshow this year. You also might’ve thought it looks a little like the current generation, and that’s about right because the silhouette has remained the same. If you look at the details however, you’ll see it’s an entirely new […]

Volkswagen Tiguan aankoopadvies

Small crossovers and small SUVs became very popular in the mid-2000s. Volkswagen had to join in. They introduced the Volkswagen Tiguan. It had to compete with the Kia Sportage… What else? Nissan Qashqai. – Nissan Qashqai, good one. That was the most important player at that moment. Volkswagen took on the competition with the Tiguan. […]

Why Not to Buy a Honda Odyssey

rev up your engines, teriyaki one-two-three, asks what do you think about newer Honda Odysseys 2006 and up, the Honda Odysseys have always had problems with their automatic transmissions, period they just do and even the 2007-08s, I had customers that they went bad on them, they just have never built good automatic transmissions, and […]

My Teenage Dream ruined – Toyota 86 Review

Man I think I’m getting old the perfect combo of rear wheel drive 6 speed manual two door coupe and sexy looking car just isn’t doing it for me as a daily driver anymore and here’s why *music starts* *door thunks* *engine starts* When I was 17 I really wanted a Scion FRS I learned […]