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Mini De Tomaso Turbo – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (ENG.SUBS)

By doing a fast balance of 2016 I drove 155 2.5 V6 Ti, Bugatti EB110, Diablo SV, I’ve done a 90km rally with a 70% diff car which mounted old tyres on the rain… I’ve lived several car dreams that most of us have The last one was the Campogalliano’s 12 cylinders quad-turbo, but do […]

My Way Or The High-Way: Eco Cannabis Car

BRUCE DIETZEN: When I actually started to take a look at the numbers, at just how green the car was, it was amazing to me. That’s when I was convinced I have to make this car out of cannabis. BRUCE DIETZEN: You probably think that looks like a regular fiberglass car or even a steel […]

Ferrari vs Lamborghini – How Do They Compare and Which Is Better? (Automotive / Car Comparison)

this episode is brought to u by skill share the first thousand people to signup will get 2 months free thousand people to signup using the link in the description will get their first two months free Ferrai’s and Lamborgini’s are some of the most famous luxury cars in the world while the history of […]

BMW Z3 2.8 Review – La youngtimer (ENG sub)

Hello! Welcome in this first video review Today we visit AB-motors near Nyon Alexandre, the owner let me try a bunch of their cool cars Classics, sports and collector cars My aim for these videos is to share with you my encounters with people from the industry And of course my impressions of the cars […]

Are Electric Motor Swaps the Future of Tuning? | WheelHouse

– Ferrari swapped Toyota’s. A Tesla swapped Honda. (upbeat music) How do I look? – [Man] Sexy. – Swapping an electric motor into an old gas guzzler is a fun novelty. Technology is getting better and cheaper and electric cars are beating some of the fastest gas super cars off the line. But is really […]

Pimped Up E-Bike Drives Like A Car

MIKAEL KJELLMAN: I put a lot of effort in making it practical, but it has also proven to be real fun to drive. COMM: PodRide is an all-weather four-wheeled e-bike that looks like a miniature car. MIKAEL KJELLMAN: Hi! My name is Mikael and I’m the designer of PodRide. The basic idea with PodRide is […]

Know The Unknown Virtual Reality Experience | Presented by Toyota RAV4 + HelloBeautiful | Toyota

My name is Breland Williams. I am from Kinder, Louisiana. This is my first time ever being here. I own a timeshare in Wyndham, but this is my first time coming down here and coming in here. I really enjoyed it. First time experience All Star as an adult, so go All Star weekend. We […]

The new Porsche Cayenne – ข่าวรถยนต์

The new Porsche Cayenne การปรากฎโฉมของยนตกรรมสปอร์ตพร้อมกันถึง 4 รุ่น และ เปิดตัว คาเยนน์ รุ่นใหม่ (The new Porsche Cayenne) ครั้งแรกในสหรัฐอเมริกา ตามแผนการเปิดตัวรถยนต์ใหม่ 4 รุ่น ปอร์เช่กลายเป็นดาวเด่นที่ฉายแสงเจิดจรัสท่ามกลางบรรยากาศ ในงานมหกรรมการแสดงรถยนต์ระดับโลก Los Angeles Auto Show: การเผยโฉมของ พานาเมร่า เทอร์โบ เอส อี-ไฮบริด สปอร์ต ทัวริสโม่ (Panemera Turbo S E Hybrid Sport Turismo), 718 บ็อกซเตอร์ จีทีเอส (718 Boxster GTS) และ 718 เคย์แมน จีทีเอส (718 Cayman GTS) ในฐานะเรือธงสูงสุดของแต่ละรุ่น ตามด้วย 911 […]

Dai Kart alla NASCAR: Intervista a Luigi Ferrara (ENG SUBS)

Since the start of his career in the ’90s, Luigi Ferrara has been racing with every kind of car Kart, Formula 3000, GT categories with cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz Also his unforgettable successes with the TCR Giulietta Now it’s time for a new path in motorsport Today we’ll ask him some questions […]