Keeping Slot Car Racing Alive

– When you tell people that I run a slot car they go, “What, what’s that? I never heard of that before.” When they first do it they go, “Wow, this is fun!” I am “Buzz” Frank Perri. I am the proprietor of Buzz-A-Rama, the slot car racing center of the world. On your marks, […]

Alfa 147 GTA: Come renderla una bomba! – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

This won’t be a regular test, we’ll try to solve the real flaws of this car, not the ones the press unfairly made us believe at the time. I’ll show you the modifications I would apply on it, if it was mine. One of the most beautiful compact cars ever fitted with one of the […]

The 2020 Porsche Panamera Turbo S FULL Review Interior Exterior Infotainment

2020 MERCEDES AMG C63 S | FULL REVIEW + SOUND Exhaust Interior Exterior

Testing The 2020 GMC Sierra’s Six-Way Tailgate | Real Reviews

Today I’m testing out the full-sized pickup truck that claims to make loading and unloading a whole lot easier with its completely redesigned tailgate, the GMC Sierra Denali. I’m Matt DeBord. I get behind the wheel of the hottest cars and test them in real-world scenarios. Today I’m testing the MultiPro Tailgate in the GMC […]

Are Electric Motor Swaps the Future of Tuning? | WheelHouse

– Ferrari swapped Toyota’s. A Tesla swapped Honda. (upbeat music) How do I look? – [Man] Sexy. – Swapping an electric motor into an old gas guzzler is a fun novelty. Technology is getting better and cheaper and electric cars are beating some of the fastest gas super cars off the line. But is really […]

Porsche 911 992 Carrera 4S 2020 NEW FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior Infotainment

Pimped Up E-Bike Drives Like A Car

MIKAEL KJELLMAN: I put a lot of effort in making it practical, but it has also proven to be real fun to drive. COMM: PodRide is an all-weather four-wheeled e-bike that looks like a miniature car. MIKAEL KJELLMAN: Hi! My name is Mikael and I’m the designer of PodRide. The basic idea with PodRide is […]

Dai Kart alla NASCAR: Intervista a Luigi Ferrara (ENG SUBS)

Since the start of his career in the ’90s, Luigi Ferrara has been racing with every kind of car Kart, Formula 3000, GT categories with cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz Also his unforgettable successes with the TCR Giulietta Now it’s time for a new path in motorsport Today we’ll ask him some questions […]

The Crew 2: Studio Update – Behind the Wheel #1 | Behind The Scenes | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, and welcome to the first episode of “Behind the Wheel.” My name is James Rees community developer on “The Crew 2” here at Ubisoft Ivory Tower. There are a lot of exciting things going at the studio and for some time now the dev team has been wanting to give you a […]