Sjoerds Weetjes #38: wat is er zo speciaal aan de Lamborghini Centenario?

My name is Sjoerd van Bilsen. I show you special details of a car and explain some remarkable items of a car. Welcome at Sjoerds Weetje #38 Recently, Lamborghini delivered the first and only Centenario in The Netherlands. It is a unique car, because there are only 40 worldwide: 20 Coupes, 20 Roadsters. But what […]

Meet the new owner of the BUGATTI VISION GRANTURISMO!!!

good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome back to the vlog two days ago I got the text message I have been waiting for for three months October 31st 9 a.m. Los Angeles International Airport’s delivery day boys happy Halloween welcome back to America I’ve been trying to keep this a secret […]

Unwrapping a NEW Bugatti Chiron – The First Customer Car in North America

Today’s the day. Today is the day. Good morning. Good morning. Welcome back to the vlog. I hope everybody is killing it today we are taking delivery of a Bugatti Chiron Well i’m not I’m not. I’m not, Huzi. Huzi is taking delivery of his new share on. This is going to be the first […]