2013 Midsize SUV Challenge

This is Joe Bruzek and i’m aaron bragman from cars.com there are some specific features that you should look for when shopping for a mid-sized SUV some you may already know about but some may surprise you let’s take a look suvs this size can fit a lot of cargo and getting that in and […]

What’s the Best Compact SUV for 2017?

with gas still relatively affordable compact SUVs are booming in sales popularity these cars combine family-friendly features with a higher seating position and a little extra utility that appeals to many shoppers we took the Chevrolet Equinox the Honda CRV the Nissan Rogue the Jeep Compass the Mazda cx-5 and the Volkswagen Tiguan we compared […]

2015 4×4 Challenge: Ram Rebel Vs. Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

we’re out here in the middle of the California desert with triple-digit temperatures with two very capable off-road pickup trucks but that’s why we’re doing a four-by-four challenge head-to-head let’s see how the 2015 RAM rebel 1500 competes against the 2015 toyota tundra TRD pro and which one comes out on top to begin our […]

What’s the Best Three-Row SUV for 2016?

we’re outside of Baltimore with motorWeek to figure out what’s the best three-row SUV of 2016 we spent a week putting eight competitors to the test here’s how they did the contenders are the dodge durango ford explorer GMC acadia on the pilot hyundai santafe kia sorento mazda cx-9 and nissan pathfinder the pathfinder has […]

BMW 320i vs Audi A5 sportback (English subtitled)

If you ask me, what is the benchmark in the upper-D segment, than I say the 3-series: it has been for years. So with the new one, we can again try to put an A4 against it, but there is another option. Because how about the Audi A5! Yes, the normal one is a 2 […]

Movie Star – CIX (씨아이엑스) Dance Cover by LightNIN

I wanna play with you You wanna play with me? I’m lost Where am I? In this world filled with darkness There are only frozen eyes Even time has stopped Is this all a dream? Now I think I saw the light Is it just my imagination? Shh! Hold your breath Oh my, oh my […]

KPOP Random Dance Indonesia Kpop Random Dance in Public Indonesia

KPOP Random Dance Indonesia Kpop Random Dance in Public Indonesia

Devin Learns To Dance Like Magic Mike In A Day • Ladylike

– I am very nervous, in order to, like, really perform and be a Magic Mike guy I feel like I have to match their energy, but right now I just need to feel my feelings, get my schoolgirl nerves out, I am sweating. (bassy saxophone music) – So we’re here in Las Vegas at […]

USA on the Road: Lancia Stratos & 037 + Dodge Challenger – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

What a “green wave” we found! We are in New York City, it’s raining, they issued a weather warning because of an incoming huge storm and I obviously chose the best day to come here: August, storm… We have to drive for 89 miles, it’s 9 a.m., we have to drive away from this concrete […]