BTS ‘Dope’ mirrored Dance Practice

Mm, welcome! You’re new to Bangtan, right? Ayo ladies and gentlemen If you’re ready, call for me. Yeah Unlike all those other guys I do it with my own style, with my own style. Eh Oh! I worked overnight every day While you were out clubbing. Yeah Now, don’t get scared and listen to me […]

Haschak Sisters – Diary (Official Music Video)

(music) Waiting on that letter from the college of my dreams I’m hoping I’m wishing Maybe she can hand me down her jeep Top Down and I’m singing Some days I’m happy and excited wanna shout it out but I write it down Ya some days I don’t know what will happen if I dream […]

Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux

Hey, it’s Mandy! So I’ve been getting a lot of requests from you guys to do a dance tutorial to “All About That Bass” And by the way, if you guys want to see a mirrored version of this dance tutorial then go to the end of the video and there will be a link […]

3 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners (Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial) | Mihran Kirakosian

(Mihran Kirakosian) (3 simple dance moves for beginners tutorial) Hi everyone! Welcome back to another tutorial, my name is Mihran Kirakosian. Today we’re going to work on 3 moves, 3 basic moves. So, if you’re a beginner this is perfect for you! Just to start it off, we’re going to start off with a step […]

Fifth Harmony – BO$$ / BOSS (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux

Hey, it’s Mandy! So the next dance tutorial you guys requested was BO$$ by Fifth Harmony so we’re gonna break it down for you guys Alright, so let’s get started So we’re gonna start by facing the back You’re sitting into your right hip with your right hand on your hip So you start with […]

Little Mix – Salute (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux

Hi guys, it’s Mandy! So you guys have been asking me to teach the dance routine to “Salute” by Little Mix So today Melinda, Athena, and I will be breaking it down for you guys Alright, so let’s get started We’re gonna start with our legs in second and we’re gonna lean to the left […]