Porsche 356 – Capital In Denmark

Porsche 911s targa 2.4 1972 – El Peregrino – Roadmantics Ep 21

This car was bought by my grandfather on 1972 it was a whim, he loved cars he bought this car with the intention of giving it to one of his son by luck, the car was given to my father and, inside of the car, it came implicit that he must do the same so, […]

Behind the Wheel of the First Car Ever Called Porsche | WSJ

– [Narrator] What if somebody called out of the blue one day to ask if you’d like to fly Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, or play B.B. King’s Lucille, or use George Martin’s headphones? You’d do that, right? Such a call came to me back in March when RM Sotheby’s asked if I would […]