Volkswagen Escarabajo Cabrio – El coche más popular de la historia – Roadmantics Ep 22

Since i was a child i love cars, in fact i have “Eco” called cars, from a builder from Barcelona called “Eco Anguplas” miniature cars, which i loved since i was a child, always my first car was a Renault Dolphin bought fifty-fifty with a friend fifty-fifty but it finished in a conflict because he […]

Porsche 356 – Capital In Denmark

Audi Quattro Icons: Urquattro, RS2 and RS3!

MICHELE MOUTON the only woman who won a WRC rally We’re at the Audi Walhalla in Sexbierum, Hessel Terpstra. Quattro celebrates its 35th birthday this year. Behind me are some icons. The RS3 may be too new, but all have Audi 5-cylinder engines. If we say 5 cylinders, we think… The cameraman thinks Volvo, because […]

Baja Bugs – The People’s Beetle and Classic Desert Racer

The VW Beetle is the bestselling vehicle of all time. Since production began in 1938 over 21 million have been sold. It’s a classic design which still dominates one of the toughest motorsports in the world, off-road racing. JUDY SMITH: My name is Judy Smith. I’m basically a housewife, but when I can, I drive […]

Enjoyng a Beetle – Volkswagen Beetle Kever ENG SUBS

Enjoying a beetle I am Lex van Garderen and I live in Amersfoort (NL) I always went to events for oldtimers for the fun of it I saw all these old cars and wanted ome for myself I liked the Fiat, the Fiat 500… …I liked the Citroen, Volkswagen… …and the Mercedes. Actually, I liked […]

Porsche 911s targa 2.4 1972 – El Peregrino – Roadmantics Ep 21

This car was bought by my grandfather on 1972 it was a whim, he loved cars he bought this car with the intention of giving it to one of his son by luck, the car was given to my father and, inside of the car, it came implicit that he must do the same so, […]

The Wrenchmen | Todd’s 1957 Volkswagen Beetle – Episode 5

– [Host] Have you ever purchased a car on eBay that wasn’t quite as described? Well, in this episode of The Wrenchmen, Davin and I tackle Todd’s 1957 eBay Beetle with steering, brake, clutch, and electrical issues. Follow along as we try to get Todd back on the road. (rock music) – It should not […]

Mini De Tomaso Turbo – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (ENG.SUBS)

By doing a fast balance of 2016 I drove 155 2.5 V6 Ti, Bugatti EB110, Diablo SV, I’ve done a 90km rally with a 70% diff car which mounted old tyres on the rain… I’ve lived several car dreams that most of us have The last one was the Campogalliano’s 12 cylinders quad-turbo, but do […]

Old Talent singing wonderful traditional songs

Talent never dies