OPEN THROAT Singing Method – How It Really Works – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey, Guys! Welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof continues to be in the singing. I want to talk about open throat technique and at least my experience of what that is compared to some of the videos that I’ve seen on the internet. And I’ve seen some interesting stuff and […]

Blue Span Road to Immortal AGAIN, DIVINE 6 Daily Dota 2

Singing Lessons For Beginners – The 5 Laws Of Singing – Learn Singing with Ken Tamplin

Hey, Guys! Ken Tamplin from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and I’m here to talk about the Five Laws of Great Singing. First: SUPPORT. What is that? Everyone talks about support. “Diaphragmatic Support”. It’s actually your whole abdominal cavity, not just the diaphragm, and it’s when we take a breath, we take a breath like this: […]

Singing with your real voice (The Voice Guru)

Today I’m going shopping for my halloween costume ! You know I just don’t understand why so many people completely change their voices when they start to sing, I just don’t get it You know it’s not Halloween every day This is what I call identity crisis, you are deliberately changing your identity to sing […]

FIRST SINGING POLITICAL wins The Voice | Winner’s Journey #22

The winner of the voice is… … is Jermain! Well… what’s your name? My name is Jermain Jackman. And were you from, Jermain? I’m from Hackney, East London. I know people who’ve been stabbed and killed… … because they live in the wrong area. And that really left me with something… … saying “this needs […]

Is There Only One Technique To Singing – Ken Tamplin

Hey guys! Welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the PROOF is in the SINGING. I’m doing a series on You Ask – Ken Answers, so I’m trying to answer your questions on singing, and we’ve got a lot of people from all over the world… So I’m gonna go to the next […]

Jessie J and Vince duet ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ – The Voice UK – Live Final – BBC One

♪ Nobody’s Perfect by Jessie J ♪ [Jessie J] When I’m nervous I have this thing yeah I talk too much Sometimes I just can’t shut the hell up ♪ [Vince Kidd] It’s like I need to tell someone, anyone who’ll listen, and that’s where I seem to mess up ♪ [Jessie J] I forget […]


ScottDW: Come here. ComTurn around turn around turn around. Hey there you go. What’s up guys ScottDW here I’m in the middle of basketball practice if you didn’t know already this is a 360 video Which means you got your phone 0You can look around any direction you can also use your finger to move […]

How to Sing Runs and Riffs (SUPER EASY TO LEARN) – Tyshan Knight

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Mags Lowe from Singing UK

My name’s Mags Lowe and we are here at Stockport Art Gallery for ‘The Courage to Sing’ beginners learn to sing course and the beginners choir. (Choir sing harmonies) What we offer are Learn to Sing courses and the courses are based in Stockport and Sale for complete beginners, or people who perhaps have never […]