Students talk about Toyota T-TEN Technician Training Program

We’re doing pinpoint testing for the mass airflow sensor so we’re going to back probe it and see what we’ve got going on here. My name is Beth Casey. I’m a second year student in the T-TEN program. So it’s showing over the limit which means we’ve got an open somewhere in the sensor wire. […]

The Crew 2: Studio Update – Behind the Wheel #1 | Behind The Scenes | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, and welcome to the first episode of “Behind the Wheel.” My name is James Rees community developer on “The Crew 2” here at Ubisoft Ivory Tower. There are a lot of exciting things going at the studio and for some time now the dev team has been wanting to give you a […]

Spotlight: The Mission Continues and the Veterans in Entertainment Summit

(upbeat music) – This is the Veterans in Entertainment event. This is an opportunity, a two-day summit, for us to connect veterans with opportunities in the entertainment industry but also to be able to connect the entertainment industry with the veterans in our community and show a collaborative effort to try to impact communities in […]

Sustainable community development: from what’s wrong to what’s strong | Cormac Russell | TEDxExeter

Translator: Monica Ronchi Reviewer: Saskia Clauss Thank you. The question: “can I help you?” is a question that millions of people ask millions of other people every single day. What does it actually mean to help another human being? Or indeed to help an entire community. I believe that helping is a powerful and often […]

How Student Athlete Opera Singer Defines a College Life – Dan Street

Undercover Lyft with Shaquille O’Neal

My favorite Laker player is Kobe. [laughs] You can’t get out the car! Are you not entertained? Do you not recognize what I’ve done as a Laker? What’s up everybody, this is Shaq, we’re in Atlanta. This is Undercover Lyft and I am the big Glowstache. My name is Charles. Nice to meet you Charles. […]

A day with PakSKKU community in Nami Island , 남이섬의 PAKSKKU 커뮤니티와 함께하는 하루 Vlog#5

Asalamulaikum friends, today I am going to take you to Nami Island This is also my first time and I will also be going to show you how Nami Island is. So see you there…… Recalling names of the attendees Everybody is present The problem is I want to confirm that there is no extra […]

Extended Cut – Ellen Gives a Deserving Family the Single Biggest Gift Ever!

Earlier in the show, I told you we had the biggest surprise we have ever done for one family. And when I say it’s big, it is big. We met the Daniels family last November when they entered a contest to sit in our Skybox for the 12 Days of Giveaways. After the show, we […]