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This week, we are traveling to Wayne, New Jersey. We’re going to Sheer Talent. [applause] And Cathy will be there. HOLLY: It’s been eight weeks of dance competitions, and Cathy has not been around once. You know she must have something up her sleeve. The group routine– the title is “Dance in the Rain.” We […]

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[music playing] ABBY LEE: Come on. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Move in. Let’s go. You are going to be so mad. Cathy has a whole new team. All the kids from your auditions, including– Haley and Tessa. Really? These two young ladies have been trying to get on my team forever. Now, the […]

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ABBY: This week, we That scares me but, I have the next best thing. [music playing] [cheering] – Hi, Brynne. – Brynne! Hello. ABBY: While Maddie’s away, I need someone to stand it for her, somebody that is going to be a consistent winner. That’s why I’m bringing in Brynne. The group routine is an […]

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[music playing] Well, Alexa is definitely coming today, because she’s going to do Kalani’s solo for this week. Alexa is Kalani’s dance teacher from Arizona. We will be in Phoenix. And that is Kalani’s hometown. And she’s got everybody coming. So whether Abby says yes or no, then she’s going to do the solo. MELISSA: […]