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ABBY LEE: Are you on the outside? Kendell, are you on the outside? Kendall, I keep telling everybody you’re improving, you legs were straight, you were doing this, you were doing that. For two weeks you were like fabulous, right up there with Maddie. You had it in you to be the favorite for two […]

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Let’s get to the pyramid. Next, we have JoJo. You were fifth in the competition. You’re fifth on the pyramid. Sometimes you act like a five-year-old. Maybe five is your lucky number, or not-so-lucky number. She did a good job last week. She did a solo. You poured blood on her. You put a four-inch […]

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This week, we will be traveling to our In10sity Dance Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. [laughs] You know what Ohio means. Cathy. [groans] We also have a duet. And the name of the duet is “That Girl Has Gotta Be Kissed.” Maddie, you will be the female lead in the duet. You looking for the boy? […]

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