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ABBY: “The Fairest of Them All.” You’re all creatures. You need to set the tone of who you are. I want to see your same style continue for you throughout the dance that goes with your creature. And you two are playing the role of a fairy. One of these two children would be the […]

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Maddie, you will perform the second solo. The name of your piece is Hostage. We need to show we’re getting captured. Hostage. Here, Maddie, do it with me. Like I’m pushing you into this door. Like, come on, kid. Maddie’s piece is entitled The Hostage, inspired by the movie “Room.” She is portraying a character […]

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ABBY LEE MILLER: All right, girls. This competition team was originally formed with a rivalry, a big one. You know who I’m talking about. It’s healthy to want to be better than somebody else as a dancer. A few seasons ago, when the ALDC won 14 times in a row, there was a big rivalry […]

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Competition this week. We’re local. We’re going to Fierce Dance Competition at Panorama City High School. This week, the group routine will pay homage to none other than Mr. Bob Fosse. Oh, yay! That’s good. Bob Fosse. I love that. Our routine will be entitled Bitter Sweet Charity. You’re dance hall girls. Obviously, you will […]