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[music playing] Ladies, we need to go to the top of the routine right now. MOM: I know that Laurieann is expecting a win. Without her, we really would be a ship without a captain. So we really need to focus on dance and just pray that there’s no more drama. Moms, could you go […]

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ABBY: “The Fairest of Them All.” You’re all creatures. You need to set the tone of who you are. I want to see your same style continue for you throughout the dance that goes with your creature. And you two are playing the role of a fairy. One of these two children would be the […]

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We are doing a group routine called “Pretty Reckless.” Kalani, you’re turning 16. Sweet 16. That’s a big birthday. It’s a milestone. So this is about driving a car. Driving a car recklessly. All right, girls, listen up. Kalani, you’re driving the car. It gets out of control. Now, you guys are the responsible ones. […]

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