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Camryn, you’re doing a solo this week. The name of your solo is, “I’m Already Done.” Camryn, do you want to be here on this team? Yeah, I do. Because I’ve heard otherwise. From who? You don’t want to be here. You want to be at home with your friends. I’ve never said that. Who […]

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[music playing] Ladies, we need to go to the top of the routine right now. MOM: I know that Laurieann is expecting a win. Without her, we really would be a ship without a captain. So we really need to focus on dance and just pray that there’s no more drama. Moms, could you go […]

Dance Moms: Abby Wants Nicaya THROWN OUT of the COMPETITION (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

[music playing] OK, so I want to read this to you guys. Is this something do to with Black Patsy? Oh, she said something against Kendall. She posted it, like, online. OK, here it is. “Haven’t watched the show in three years, but nothing has changed. This po little child sucks at dancing. But now […]

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ABBY: “The Fairest of Them All.” You’re all creatures. You need to set the tone of who you are. I want to see your same style continue for you throughout the dance that goes with your creature. And you two are playing the role of a fairy. One of these two children would be the […]

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We are doing a group routine called “Pretty Reckless.” Kalani, you’re turning 16. Sweet 16. That’s a big birthday. It’s a milestone. So this is about driving a car. Driving a car recklessly. All right, girls, listen up. Kalani, you’re driving the car. It gets out of control. Now, you guys are the responsible ones. […]