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– Chloe is dancing for the first time in years against her old team. We’re with someone new. I mean, there are so many emotions flying around, like, I don’t know if I can be held accountable for my emotions. Like, I’m a wreck. Look, you guys. It’s Christi. I wanted to tell Chloe, we […]

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Girls, so I have two duets competing this weekend. Whoever the highest score is– whichever duet scores the highest, those two girls will have solos next week, OK? She’s just told the girls that the winning duet will guaranteed have solos next week. ABBY LEE: So this is “Each Other.” We’re going to take care […]

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[symbols] [click-boom] [music playing] WOMAN 1: Welcome to Nationals, you guys! STACEY: Are you guys lost? CATHY: (SINGING) We’re ba-a-a-ack. This is what I think of you. WOMAN 2: Oh! [boom] CATHY: That’s what you call gutter trash. ASHLEE: The only reason that they’re in here is ’cause they know they’re not going to beat […]

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– We have a group routine. Actually, this was brought up to me because Ashlee’s going through some stuff right now. The title of the group routine is “Family Court.” I just hope that Brynn, you’re OK with that? It’s weird? She says it’s a little weird. You’re cool with it? Just like Abby, I […]

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I’ve been saying for weeks that nobody on this team is safe, and I don’t think you believe me. So I’ve decided the only way to light a fire under your lazy butts is to say goodbye to one member of this team. [music playing] ABBY LEE MILLER: What was going on on that stage? […]

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I’m fed up with these mothers. STACEY: Ann, we have a surprise for you. What? We knew you had a bad day, so vodka. They’re just– they’re bigger idiots than the last group. – Here. – Thanks. You brought the– Do you like Grey Goose? Do you like Grey Goose? No, I don’t, actually. ASHLEY: […]

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. Where’s the rest of your team? They’ll be coming soon. Oh, OK. Are you dancing today, Sarah? Sarah’s not dancing today. She’s benched again. And why is that? Because you guys talked to another studio last week? No, we’re not hopping to another studio. I heard you quit. No, we didn’t […]