You Are The Champions – Don’t Stop Me Now (Dance Tutorial)

TANZANLEITUNG VON POLLY BENNETT Hallo, ich bin Polly Bennett, POLLY BENNETT CHOREOGRAFIN und ich war die Choreografin für Rami Malek im FilmBohemian Rhapsody.Und ich bin heute hier, um Sie dazu einzuladen dieser Tanzanleitung Schritt für Schritt für das LiedDon’t Stop Me Now von Queen zu folgen, und hoffe, dass Sie es nachmachen und Ihr Video […]

Dance Partner Challenge – ft. D-trix & Matt Steffanina – Merrell Twins

(Laughs) Wait no, no, no (Screams) Let go! Let Go! Oh! (Screams) Hey guys! I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa, and we are here with Matt and D-Trix And we are doing the dance partner challenge So, before we explain what the dance partner challenge is make sure to subscribe to our channel, we post videos every […]

3 Simple Dance Moves for Beginners (Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial) | Mihran Kirakosian

(Mihran Kirakosian) (3 simple dance moves for beginners tutorial) Hi everyone! Welcome back to another tutorial, my name is Mihran Kirakosian. Today we’re going to work on 3 moves, 3 basic moves. So, if you’re a beginner this is perfect for you! Just to start it off, we’re going to start off with a step […]

How to Dance with Rhythm Tutorial (Club Dance for Beginners) I Get Dance

hi welcome to another tutorial for absolute beginners my name is Monika Matys and I’ll be breaking down for you all the basics of club dancing and dancing in general. Please note that all the movements we’ll do today and over the next couple of videos are not the fancy show off moves that you’ll […]

Fifth Harmony – BO$$ / BOSS (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux

Hey, it’s Mandy! So the next dance tutorial you guys requested was BO$$ by Fifth Harmony so we’re gonna break it down for you guys Alright, so let’s get started So we’re gonna start by facing the back You’re sitting into your right hip with your right hand on your hip So you start with […]

Little Mix – Salute (Dance Tutorial) | Mandy Jiroux

Hi guys, it’s Mandy! So you guys have been asking me to teach the dance routine to “Salute” by Little Mix So today Melinda, Athena, and I will be breaking it down for you guys Alright, so let’s get started We’re gonna start with our legs in second and we’re gonna lean to the left […]

How to Do The Backpack Kid Dance (THE FLOSS) | Deepak Tulsyan Dance Tutorial

Hey Guys My name is Deepak tulsyan, i am from new delhi, INDIA So today i am going to teach you One Trending move and the name is FLOSS. Okay ! If you don’t know this move watch it then i’ll break it down for you guys. okay, Let’s get started So Hands, 5,6,7go… and […]

10 Tips To Instantly Make Your Dancing Look Less Awkward | Dance Tips | STEEZY.CO

Honestly most of us learn how to dance because we just want to look cool and you know what doesn’t look cool? Looking like this. You don’t want to look like that. So here are 10 tips to take your dancing from awkward and stiff to super lit. Tip #1: Be on beat. Even if […]