Dance Moms: Kalani’s Solo vs. Daviana’s Solo (Season 7) | Lifetime

So, Kalani, Daviana, the stakes are high. The first week, Brynn won the high-score solo. Last week, we had Kendall win. Kalani, you have to pull out all the stops and have a flawless performance, all right? Got it. OK. Daviana, it’s like make it or break it for you. Nobody really knows who Daviana […]

Dance Moms: Abby Pits Kalani Against Daviana (Season 7) | Lifetime

– You. And now go. To save me. Kalani is great at floor work. She can slither around on the floor looking so feminine. Her legs look good. Her feet look good. Kalani is just smooth. I don’t know if the new moms understand, like, the level of how much Abby loves Kalani. Like, I […]