KOHH – “Dirt Boys feat. Dutch Montana, Loota” Official Video

Filthy Dirt Boys Filthy, but I’m still lookin’ fresh Artistic, tats all up on my neck Damaged denim Ksubi, is how I’m dressed Shirts by Y3, clothes every month I cop too many Takin’ scissors to expensive shit Lookin’ like I’m broke, thinking like I’m rich Some be on that Andy Warhol tip Including me […]

Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Final Dance) – High Quality

[Song begins – ‘Time of my Life’] [Nervous whooping from crowd] [Quiet gasps and ‘ooo’s from crowd] [Scattered approving noises from crowd] [Drumbeat starts in song] [Approving whoops from crowd] [Crowd starts clapping in time to song] [Approving cheers] “I think she gets this from me.” [Crowd cheers enthusiastically] [Loud cheering from crowd] [High pitched […]