Why Not to Buy a Toyota Tundra

rev up your engines, scarface says hey Scotty why do you choose Ford f-150 over Toyota for full-size, I heard some of the newer ones have electrical issues, okay here’s the thing, if you want a full-size pickup truck and you’re planning on hauling a lot, towing a lot the Ford’s have been made for […]

Walk-in Cable for 3rd Generation Honda Odyssey (2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010)

This is a problem. The chair should be sliding forward when using the walk-in latch at the top of the seat. The problem is a cable under this cover down here. It’s called the “walk-in cable”. It’s the same part for both sides of the van, and for all 3rd generation Honda Odysseys. That’s 2005-2010. […]

Перетяжка салона автомобиля Audi A4

How to replace rear brake discs / rear brake rotors on AUDI A3 1 (8L1) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

1. Unscrew the brake fluid reservoir cap. Required Tools: Wire brush WD-40 spray Brake cleaner Copper grease Combination spanner #13 Combination spanner #15 Drive socket # 13 Torx bit T30 Torque wrench Wheel impact socket #17 Rubber mallet Crow bar Wheel chock 2. Unscrew the wheel bolts. Use wheel impact socket #17. AUTODOC recommends: To […]

Moogs Honda S2000 Reveal

-[MOOG] [Voiceover] I’ve always liked cars. -[‘All In Your Mind’ – Moog] There’s something about them that brings out emotions and excitement that is hard to top with anything else. And ever since I’ve been old enough to hold a license, I’ve always loved Nissans. My S13 Nissan Silvia is, to this day, the best […]

Here’s Why Broke People Buy Used BMWs and Rich People Buy Toyotas

rev up your engines you might think a BMW is a good car to buy yes they are packed full of modern technology but that’s the reason I tell people not to buy these bmw’s because under the hood our layers and layers of Technology and as you can see the hood struts don’t even […]

How to replace a front shock strut on AUDI A3 1 (8L1) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools: Wire brush WD-40 spray Drive socket # 18 Drive socket # 13 Combination spanner #18 Combination spanner #19 Combination spanner #21 Drive socket # 19 HEX bit No.H6. Torque wrench Copper grease Wheel impact socket #17 12-point socket 1-3/16” Flare nut socket №22 Pin punch Hammer Shock absorber socket Hydraulic transmission jack Hydraulic […]

Honda Civic | FD2 TypeR Body Kit // Modifiye #Part1

Как заменить моторное масло и масляный фильтр на TOYOTA AYGO 1 (AB10) [ВИДЕОУРОК AUTODOC]