Here’s Why the 1998 Jaguar XJR was Worth $70,000

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner, hey name is Mitch what you’re seeing now is a 1998 Jaguar XJR, also known as the X308, this car came with a whopping 370 horsepower and 307 pound-feet of torque this Jaguar sold […]

DIY Roof Rack for a T5 Volkswagen Van

Today, we build a custom roof rack for our car. A few weeks ago Bob on I like to make stuff made a custom roof rack. We will put a link to his video in the description. This is such a great idea that we had to build one as well. Around here you can […]

Why Not to Buy a Honda Odyssey

rev up your engines, teriyaki one-two-three, asks what do you think about newer Honda Odysseys 2006 and up, the Honda Odysseys have always had problems with their automatic transmissions, period they just do and even the 2007-08s, I had customers that they went bad on them, they just have never built good automatic transmissions, and […]

(DIY) Volkswagen Headlight Low Beam Bulb Replacement | No Tools | MK7 Golf

Hello everybody and welcome back to my YouTube channel! So today I have a quick little project the driver’s-side low beam headlight the bulb it just stopped working, got a little notification while I was driving and so just picked one up I’m gonna be changing that out today it should be a quick little […]

Here’s Why Mechanics Hate Hondas

rev up your engines today we’re gonna figure out why this Honda Accord has running problems especially when it’s warmed up and restarted stumbles around even though the check engine light isn’t coming on now as you can see here when we started up check engine lights not on but when we turn it off […]

How to replace pollen filter / cabin filter on AUDI A6 (C6) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools: Drive socket # 8 Ratchet wrench 1. Move the passenger seat fully backwards. 2. Unscrew the glove box fastening screws. Use a drive socket #8. Use a ratchet wrench. 3. Open the glove box. 4. Pry up, carefully release from the fasteners and remove the side trim panel on the passenger side. 5. […]

【你要賣多少EP4】TOYOTA 86 估一波~拓海還是填海就看這一次了~

Audi/Volkswagen MK6 Oil Separator – Features, Failure Symptoms, and Product Review

hey YouTube Mike Rivera here with FCP euro coming at you with a really quick product review so today we have an updated crankcase ventilation valve 4 2.0 turbo Volkswagen and Audi engines this is a genuine unit but it is actually manufactured by Hanks and this is the updated version of the original crankcase […]

How to replace rear shock absorber on AUDI A6 2 (C6) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools: Wire brush WD-40 spray Brake cleaner Copper grease Combination spanner #17 Combination spanner #21 Drive socket # 13 Drive socket # 17 Drive socket # 21 Torx bit T25 Wheel impact socket #17 Ratchet wrench Torque wrench Locking pliers Vice Hydraulic transmission jack Wheel chock 1. Raise the rear of the car and […]

How to replace front wheel bearing / front hub bearing on AUDI A6 2 (C6) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools: Wire brush WD-40 spray Brake cleaner Copper grease Combination spanner #21 Drive socket # 13 Drive socket # 16 Drive socket # 21 XZN socket bit # 12 HEX bit no.H17. Torx bit T30 Wheel impact socket #17 Ratchet wrench Torque wrench Hammer Tap wrench Flat chisel Crow bar Vice 3-Arm Gear Puller […]