Official Trailer | BTS: Burn The Stage

J-Hope: Billboard! News anchor: BTS continued overseas tour after won Top Social Artist Award. ♪ Fire ♪ ♪ Burn it all ♪

Meet the Master of Hawaiian Cowboy Music

(guitar strumming) – Playing Hawaiian music, playing slack-key, and the Paniolo way of life goes together, because after a hard day’s work on the ranch, you want to sit down and relax and listen to this beautiful music. My name is Leabert Lindsey. And I’m a fifth generation of the Paniolo Hawaiian cowboy, and I […]

The World’s Most Controversial K-Pop Group

The first time you watch k-pop you’re immediately hooked on it, addicted to it. Singing, dance, acting, fashion immediately thought have to do this, I have to be a part of this k-pop. If you guys wouldn’t mind introducing yourself Let’s do our… [inaudible] Hello! The criticism that the expedition got was about ownership of […]

MALUMA: Lo Que Era, Lo Que Soy, Lo Que Seré | Documental Oficial

This program has footage that is not suitable for minors. Viewer discretion is advised. My dream, since I was young, was to be onstage and leave my mark on the whole world. I thought my future was going to be in soccer, but I’ve loved music since I was a little boy. This is my […]

TRAILER Dog Dancing School YouTube

I think its nice having a part in helping people and I didn’t realise that until I did it that there seems to be as much satisfaction or more in… being a part of someone’s journey I’ve always been to dog shows, and watched the displays and I always thought, wouldn’t that be nice, if […]

Siberian Cult Leader Thinks He’s Jesus

[CHORAL MUSIC PLAYING] ROCCO CASTORO: There is a place in Russia where people have discovered the secret of living in perfect harmony. A place where the children run free, where the Earth provides everything you need, and where money is meaningless. Welcome to the Church of the Last Testament. This is Petropavlovka, a small settlement […]

Sex for Grades: undercover inside Nigerian and Ghanaian universities – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Sex for grades. University professors sexually harassing and blackmailing their students. This thing has been going on for years and every single year, every single department, every single student, there’s always a story. We all hear about it. But it’s almost never proven. The very first advice I got was don’t ever go to your […]

MALUMA: Lo Que Era, Lo Que Soy, Lo Que Seré | Trailer Oficial

Maluma: Who is Maluma?Know me.( crowd screaming )♪ Tú me partiste el corazónMan: He’s the most followed Latin male artist on Instagram. Maluma: A lot of people thinkthat everything I have was given to me.That everything happened over night,but there’s a story behind.Man:A lot of artists think it’s kinda weird, like,“Who’s this kid?”Woman: “He won’t […]

Hawaii’s Rain Dancers Summon Storms

(drumming) – For centuries, my ancestors have been the callers of powerful elements. (singing in foreign language) The rain, the fog, the wind, and the storms of our land. They did this through hula, and through a very strong belief system that when we call they’ll come. (peaceful music) (rain falling) Waimea is like no […]

Dancing Without Sound, Performing Without Sight

(bright music) – [Narrator] Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva dance. Pretty cool, huh? One would think that a performance this difficult and precise, would require all five senses. Well think again, because all these dancers can’t hear the music, making this performance even cooler. (traditional Chinese music) Founded in 1987, the China […]