SUPRA – Why This 25yr Old Toyota is Worth More Than a Ferrari | ¿PRESTADO?

Prestado is where we’ll borrow all types of vehicles [Sexy Latin Music] We’ll explore them We’ll drive them And we’ll see if the Hype of each one is real So welcome, let’s go! [OG TOKYO DUUURIFFTOOO MUSIC] This is the MKIV Toyota Supra (No duh Felipe) In the automotive world in Japan there exists a […]

How the Toyota Mirai Charges in 5 Minutes | Hydrogen Fuel Cells | SCIENCE GARAGE

– Hydrogen. The simplest of elements. One little proton hanging around, often it’s, it’s own best friend; H2. It also gets along with oxygen and that’s water and you drink it. So how in the heck can it power a car? We’re talking about hydrogen fuel cells! (upbeat dissonant music) Look, even if you think […]

TOYOTA COROLLA – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(engine humming) – 40 years before Initial D, there was Chassis Initial E, which is gonna be talked about by initial me. JEP, yeah. I’m talking about the most popular car in the history of the world. (engine vrooming) You ever heard of it? The world, it’s flat and hollow. Here’s everything you need to […]

URUS: Lamborghini’s 195MPH $200K SUV – Everything Inside & Out

(engine revving) – This is an SUV. (laughing) Automobili Lamborghini. The House of the Raging Bull. Since their first car, they’ve established themselves as the leader in mold breaking design, and ground shaking performance. (engine purring) Sport utility vehicles are the fastest growing segment of the automotive market. And they’re by far the most profitable. […]

Ford Didn’t Invent The Car | WheelHouse | Donut Media

(Steam engine noises) Lots of people tried for hundreds of years to create self propelled transportation; with each successive attempt building on top of the previous incarnation. Who invented the first car?… Let’s find out. This is WheelHouse. Ferdinand Verbiest was Jesuit missionary hanging out in Peking with the Kangxi Emperor. When He wasn’t doing […]

Honda Civic Type R is Pumphrey’s New Favorite Car | The New Car Show

– This episode of the New Car Show is brought to you by Turo. Stick around to the end for a special offer only for Donut fans. because I drove a car that was so good that it inspired me to shamelessly rip off my idol, Jeremy Clarkson. This is the Honda Civic Type R […]

WE GOT ONE: Up Close with the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant

(car engine revving) – It’s coming! We are getting it in America, a fast frickin’ wagon and it’s about gosh darn time. So, will it live up to the hype? We’re about to find out. We’re going gloss black front grill, to cool looking rear fascia, bumper to bumper on the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant! […]

Honda S2000 – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(car engine) – Long face, no top, and an exhaust note that drives fear into the hearts of even the bravest men. (car engine and yelling) It was a rear wheel drive car from the company who perfected front-wheel drive. A return to the roots that showed the world Honda can still have fun. And […]

Toyota AE86: You Know The Name But Do You Know The Car?

– Are you freaking kidding me? Am I sitting next to one of the coolest, most iconic Japanese cars in the history of freaking Japanese cars? Don’t answer that. The answer’s yes, I am. I hope you got your beauty rest because no one sleeps in Tokyo. We’re going Bumper to Bumper on the Toyota […]