Audi Q3 vs. BMW X2 – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – English subtitles

The first generation Audi Q3 was quite a remarkable car. It had a high entry, but not those bulky shapes of regular SUV’s. The new Q3 follows the same recipe. It’s longer, wider, but it has a lower roofline. BMW even goes one step further with the X2. That’s not an SUV Coupé, because the […]

Volkswagen T-Roc vs Toyota C-HR – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – English subtitles

With this new T-Roc, Volkswagen has attempted to build crossover which is a little more playful. A crossover which is a little less serious, a bit more cheerful… That’s why it’s got LED-daytime running lights which look more playful, a sloped roofline, chrome details everywhere, and the result is a crossover which does look more […]

Mazda CX-30 vs. Volkswagen T-Roc – Dubbeltest – English subtitles

The Mazda CX-30 is right inbetween the CX-3 and the CX-5, and that makes it the ideal rival for cars like the Toyota C-HR and the… Volkswagen T-Roc. Especially the latter is constantly selling out, so we’ve chosen the Volkswagen for our comparison as well. The CX-30 is nice and compact, because it’s based on […]

BMW X2 vs Volkswagen T-Roc – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – English subtitles

A BMW X2 versus a Volkswagen T-Roc. That’s like comparing apples and oranges, right? They’re more similar than you might expect though. Both have a big 2.0-litre engine producing around 190 horsepower, both are crossovers, to use the word, both have four-wheel drive, and both aren’t very cheap, so they’re very similar indeed. Let’s find […]

Audi S5 Sportback vs. BMW 440i Gran Coupe – Dubbeltest – English subtitles

In the old days, a 6-cylinder engine in an Audi or a BMW was very common. But those days are over. Only when you save up enough for a 440i, BMW supplies you with a 6-inline under the hood. In an Audi, the V6 is so special, it receives an “S” in front of its […]

Seat Ibiza vs. Volkswagen Polo – AutoWeek dubbeltest – English subtitles

In our longterm fleet, we now have a Volkswagen Polo, powered by a 1.0-litre TSI producing 95 horsepower, and it has all of the optional features. Of course, the Polo isn’t the only compact car in the Volkswagen-concern anymore. With almost all of the same technology; this is the Ibiza. It also produces 95 horsepower […]

Ford Focus vs. Volkswagen Golf – AutoWeek dubbeltest – English subtitles

It took some waiting, but we can finally drive the new Ford Focus in the Netherlands. Of course, that’s an important car for Ford, but it’s been the pinnacle of handling in the C-segment for years. Ford now adds an intensely improved interior, and more technology to that base. To find out if that makes […]

Ford Focus ST vs. Hyundai i30 N – Autoweek dubbeltest – English subtitles

It must’ve been the biggest surprise of 2017. This Hyundai i30 N. The first attempt at a hot hatch by Hyundai, based on the pretty… tame i30 hatchback. And then they come up with this. They bought half of Germany away for it, because they imported engineers from BMW M and Mercedes AMG, and you’ll […]