Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up #145 [CC]

Hi, YouTube, it’s Kathy, and this is my Weekly Entertainment Wrap Up for October 6th – 12th. This week I read 4 books, I watched 2 shows, I watched 3 movies, I listened to 1 book and I listened to 1 album. Again, I’m not planning on making music a big part of this, because […]

Audience Suggestion Box: Trace Adkins Sings Breaking Bad Theme Song

-♪ Look into the box ♪ ♪ The suggestion box ♪ -This first one here is from Mia Cicero. “Hey, Jimmy, I hear if you dim the lights and say ‘Rockefeller’ three times, the ghost of Rockefeller Center will appear. Can you try this?” I don’t think that’s true, but, um, I can try. Can […]

Collection of California cars need new homes | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 37

(dramatic music) – We’re on the Mexican border, that far away. Half mile to the U.S. Mexican border. But, we’re on our way to meet a gentleman who’s older and has decided to let his collection go to somebody that can appreciate it, cars that he’s had for a long time. So, we’re gonna go […]