Official Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car

This is the most secure location that we could find in the building. You notice we have plenty of security down here. There’s a degree of excitement around electric vehicles we haven’t seen before. But somebody’s got to be the first one out there. We need a lot of people trying a lot of different […]


– [Glenn] Are electric cars still the wave of the future? Car makers seem to think so. From retro to futuristic, electric cars are coming out in droves. This is Glenn and today we are bringing you 10 electric vehicles for 2019 and beyond. – [Woman] Number 10. – [Glenn] Aiming to rival Bentley and […]

Why Norway is full of Teslas

There are Teslas everywhere in this city. Up until today I’d seen a total of about five Teslas my entire life. And three of those five were behind glass cases in luxury malls. I’ve been in Oslo for like a couple of hours and I’ve seen like 50 Teslas. There’s one right there. They’re beautiful, […]

15 Roaring New Vehicles Coming in 2020 | Sport Cars – EVs – Flying

– [Glen] We’ve all heard positive tales of the Roaring 20s. So why not roll into 2020 with some roaring new engine power? From sports cars, to classic gems, to monster trucks, or James Bond like getaway cars. Hi, I’m Glen and we’re going to review some of the hottest upcoming vehicles in 2020. (upbeat […]

What’s inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault?

The Garage Converting Classic Cars to Electric Vehicles | Freethink DIY Science

– This classic car is powered by the sun. And this is the guy who made it possible. An engineer turned mechanic, he’s using off the shelf parts to transform gas-guzzlers into powerful electric vehicles. Giving them a second chance to rule the road. Meet Micheal Bream He owns EV West near San Diego, California. […]

Electric Camaro Drift Car: Exclusive First Look

– Picture this, you’re at the track, a car comes drifting sideways through the first turn. The tires are a screaming for mercy but suddenly you realize that they’re the only thing that’s screaming. There is no engine sound. (tires screeching) What? You just saw the world’s first electric pro drift car homie and we […]

15 Electric Cars with 2020 Vision | Electric Vehicles

– [Glen] If you are passionate about going green and helping improve the environment while driving with flair, then you’ll appreciate this electrifying lineup. I’m Glen, and today we’re going to talk about the latest electrical vehicles that are evolving in 2020. (upbeat electronica music) – [Woman] Number fifteen. – [Glen] Although no dancing hamsters […]