Know Your Toyota — Bluetooth troubleshooting with Entune 3.0 Audio

[Upbeat music plays.] All new Toyota vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones to provide safer, hands-free, communication while driving. It’s easy to pair your phone or music player to the head unit by referring to the “Know Your Toyota: Pairing a Phone with Entune 3.0 Audio” video, or by consulting your vehicle’s […]

Die neue Toyota MyT App – Alle Funktionen erklärt | Test/Review

Toyota Connected Service Self-Serve Registration | Toyota

– [Instructor] This video will go over the registration and enrollment process for Toyota Connected Services. While this process can also be done with the assistance of dealership personnel, this video will focus on the procedure used for customers and guests to self-enroll. Toyota Connected Services is included with select new Toyota vehicles, and is […]

How To Use Toyota + Alexa App | Toyota

The new Toyota+Alexa app brings Amazon Alexa right into your vehicle through the vehicle’s hands-free wireless Bluetooth connection. Toyota+Alexa is available as a free mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. In this video, we’ll be using an Android device, but the setup process is nearly identical for both platforms. Let’s get started. First, […]