Cody Walker’s Giving Away a 2020 Toyota Supra // Omaze

What’s up, guys? Cody Walker here, and if you are as excited about the return of the Toyota Supra as I am, well good news: Here’s your chance to win one. That’s right. The new Toyota GR Supra Premium marks the return of the car made famous by my brother, Paul, nearly 20 years ago, […]

Audi A4 S Line 2017 – In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Audi RS7 Sportback 2020 – SOUND FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior Infotainment – Best Audi Yet

2018 Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus: TEST DRIVE & REVIEW

Today we are so excited to be exploring the 2018 Audi R8 Spyder. This is Audi’s super car. It is the type of fast that pins you to your seat, making it an absolute thrill to drive. The model that we have here today is the V10 plus which is a step up from the […]

Volkswagen Golf IV R32 buying advice

It’s fun. This car isn’t slow. We’re going to talk about the Golf IV R32 today. What can I tell about the car? First, this is the VR6’s successor. I don’t know if you remember that car. It was a Golf III, the generation preceding this one. That car had a VR6 engine and it […]

Audi SQ7 ABT – Il SUV Diesel più Potente al Mondo! [Test Drive]

I’m behind the wheel of the Audi SQ7 ABT and I have to say I feel rather small inside, it’s truly exaggerated not just in terms of size, as you can see this car is huge! Maybe the most impressive thing is the price because this is a 216.000€ car! THAT’S A LOT! But I […]

JP Performance – Toyota Supra MK5 | Die Bestandsaufnahme!

A lovely day to you, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, we own a Supra. Yes, we do. You would not believe it. I am super proud of the car. The car is crazy fun, too. I just need to back out of here. The Fiestas are just being picked up. Gurke is regulating the traffic, look […]

Audi RS 3 Sedan rijtest

This is a fun car, but the price is a problem. We’re going to find out one thing in this video. Is this car worth the same price as a detached house in Rotterdam? You can buy that for the price of this guy, the most expensive A3 of the Netherlands. You’re thinking I’m joking, […]

Honda gave me a Civic Type-R to Explore Japan [Sub ENG]

Konnichiwa, here it’s Marchettino-San and this is my new Honda Civic Type-R here in Japan! Well guys, if you’re following me on social medias, particularly on Instagram (@Marchettino) you may noticed after several years I’m back in Japan and for this trip, Honda Japan has been kind enough to lend me this Civic Type-R, to […]

460hp Audi RS3 ABT: The Perfect Daily Baby-Supercar? [Sub ENG]

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we test a real baby-supercar, the new Audi RS3 ABT! In the past I already got to test a friend’s tuned Audi RS3 with 450hp and I was truly impressed by the power of this car, and what I’m testing is the new RS3 tuned by ABT and […]