Preview: A Night Filled With The Funniest Friends | FOX ENTERTAINMENT

Preview: It’s An Animation Domination Halloween! | FOX ENTERTAINMENT

Preview: Animation Domination Is Funnier Than Ever | FOX ENTERTAINMENT

Everybody listen up! ANNOUNCER: Fox Animation Domination is funnier than ever. [scoffs] Fake news. ANNOUNCER: Missed one of your favorite TV families? Catch up any time on demand or FOXNOW. Look me in the eyes and tell me you respect me. [rattling] ANNOUNCER: Including Fox’s hilarious new hit, “Bless the Harts.” And it is fixed. […]

The Orville: Scott Grimes Singing “Goodbye” to Mark Jackson at NYCC 2019

Scott: We’ve got to do this. Do it, stand up J. Lee: Do it Scott: You don’t say anything in it so yeah Scott: Be Isaac Penny: No no, you sing to Mark, not Isaac. That’s my thing. Scott: Oh, this is Mark Scott: I want your sextime Scott: No, that’s Mark, no. Scott: No, […]

Preview: It’s An All Out Blitz Of Animation Domination | FOX ENTERTAINMENT

ANNOUNCER: After the biggest games of the week comes the funniest night of the week. I’m gonna call the plays while I’m covering my mouth with his play card. That’s not a play card. It’s a dinner menu. ANNOUNCER: It’s an all out blitz of animation domination. Stop with the dramatics. ANNOUNCER: All new, Sunday […]


[blows whistle] Go! Go! Go! I’ll make it in Empire, baby. Let the smackdown begin! I’ve been expecting you. [funky music] This is a big deal. Woo! Cannonball! Are you drunk already, bro? This is massive. Oh, my god. We so smart. We’re geniuses. Well, mostly me. We’re genetically connected. Family. Hey how, many others […]

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