K-POP SM Entertainment SUM Cafe, Eyeye (+Korean brand) Sample Sales Event | DTV #8

Gotta Dance: Ericka Hunter of MOULIN ROUGE!

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Ericka Hunter. I grew up in Ottawa, Canada. I have an older sister named Vanessa, and she was put into dance at age three. So when I was three my mom put me into dance. When I was put into it, I’m like a typical middle child, so I’m like […]

The World’s Most Controversial K-Pop Group

The first time you watch k-pop you’re immediately hooked on it, addicted to it. Singing, dance, acting, fashion immediately thought have to do this, I have to be a part of this k-pop. If you guys wouldn’t mind introducing yourself Let’s do our… [inaudible] Hello! The criticism that the expedition got was about ownership of […]

Seen | Official Series Trailer | NowThis Entertainment

Growing up, in terms of seeing myself in media, I never did. Like, I really felt truly like a outcast. People place limits and boxes upon bodies that are not represented. It’s 2018. There’s gonna to be drag kids in the world. And I’m one of them. I’d like to represent Muslim women that don’t […]

Grow up: “Settle down” – Mercedes-Benz original

Hello? Hey. Hey, is everything okay? Yeah, yeah. Everything’s good. Hold on. I’ll be right back, I’m going to step right out… Okay, what is this about? Yeah, you know that red sweater that I used to wear all the time? It was my favourite? I was wondering if you had it? Dominic, I don’t […]


Good morning, we’re sitting at a cafe waiting for our breakfast. We were supposed to wakeup and hike at 8:00am but it’s, what time is it now? 11:30?! We overslept like we always do. So, what are you doing now Evan? I’m just answering some work emails, and looking up our next move to Madrid. […]

Sam Quek Reveals Team GB Hockey’s Beauty Secrets | Fashion Behind The Games

(STYLE GAME) Meet Sam Quek. She is a hockey player for Team GB and Gold Medal winner from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A rebel, on and off the field. And, yes, she is a super fan of the Liverpool Football Club. We are at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United Football Club. I’m […]

Pregame w/ Queer Eye 💋 “Liptionary” | Lip Sync Battle Pregame

– Hey, I’m Bobby Berk from Netflix’s Queer Eye, and I’m the interior designer. – Hey friends, I’m Karamo Brown and I’m the culture expert. – I’m Tan France, and I’m the style guy. – I’m Antoni, I’m the food and sandwich guy. – [All] And this is Liptionary. – Nailed it. – I totally […]

Haschak Sisters – Diary (Official Music Video)

(music) Waiting on that letter from the college of my dreams I’m hoping I’m wishing Maybe she can hand me down her jeep Top Down and I’m singing Some days I’m happy and excited wanna shout it out but I write it down Ya some days I don’t know what will happen if I dream […]


My dick is big My dick is very big My dick is big Is big My dick is very big I saw his dick, it`s big It`s very-very big I licked his dick It`s big, it`s very-very big My dick’s so big it needs it’s own My dick’s so big, it lives next door My […]