THROW IT BACK DANCE (Everytime this song plays) | Ranz and Niana

NIANA THROW IT BACK Okay Okay! Okay!! Okay!!! Ey Ey! Ey! Ey!! Whoo Eyy “Laugh” Stop it! NIANA! THROW IT BACK!! Eyy Whooo Ey! Ey! Ey! Whoo!!! “Laugh” STOP! NIANA!! THROW IT BACK!!! C’mon “Laugh” Okay Okay Whooo Ey Ey C’mon Ey! Ey!! Whoo!!! “Laugh” What is that pose? NIANA!!! THROW ITBACK!!! Ok Okay Ey! […]


– Andrea, have a look at Alexander. – What ? – Have a look at Alexander. – Me? – Yes. – Good evening ! – Hello – You’ve came with a song? – Ofcourse – Which one ? – Opera Turandot, aria of Kalaf, “Nessun Dorma”. – Sing please, i like opera! – With pleasure. […]

Bullmastiff, Pitbull & Amstaff wearing Top Notch Leather Dog Collar

This Leather Collar is a valuable gift for your beloved dog. It combines quality, style and reliability. Besides it is very comfy for your dog to wear it all day long. The gear is wide enough to be used for handling your active dog. It is made of strong, soft and solid leather. You can […]

’80s Aerobics Dance Challenge w/ Kate Upton

-Hey, guys, I’m here with Kate Upton, and we’re about to do an “’80’s Aerobics Dance Challenge.” You ready for this? -Yeah. ♪♪ -1, 2. 2 to the right. ♪♪ 1, 2. 2 to the right. -2 to the right. -Oh, yeah! -1, 2. 2 to the right. Now for toe-heel. -Oh, I got to […]

Haschak Sisters – I Wanna Dance

I’ll never learn I think we should just give up this is too hard ya what are you guys complaining about we can hear you crying across the park we’re not crying me and Olivia’s talent show is tomorrow ya and we don’t even know the dance hold up that’s it Don’t make it so […]


I’m squinting my eyes, because it’s so bright and hot here in Daytona Beach Kevin chose to wear some shorts, I didn’t. I’m too lazy we’re at the beach today for a photo shoot with a really cool Volvo we already saw at Simply Clean event. This is Jonny. This is how we met him: […]