Почему любимый конструктор Гитлера отказался выдать секрет советских танков

Muhteşem Araçları Olan Porshe’nin Başarı Hikayesi

1/35 Zvezda Ferdinand s.Pz.Jg.Abt. 654 – Underpainting, Basecoat & Bar Crosses – Tiger (P) S1E1

Welcome to my first episode of my Ferdinand build series. This Ferdinand is part of three vehicle season, all about mid Production Porsche Tiger tanks. I will start off with a Ferdinand Tank destroyer, as a member of the heavy Tank Destroyer battalion 654 at the eve of the battle of Kursk in July 1943. […]

HITLER and Volkswagen! 6 AMAZING Facts about CARS!

We love cars, probably all of us. They have been around since as early as 1769, when the first steam engine powered automobiles were produced. But did you know this about the cars? La Jamais Contente (English: The Never Satisfied) was the first road vehicle to go over 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph). It was […]

Karlsbader Reise in a 1938 volkswagen beetle!

Karlsbad Journey In a volkswagen like Goethe from Weimar to Karlsbad With this couch Goethe went to Karlsbad. The road situation does not seem so to be particularly favorable Still, he will still be sure of his 100 things… in several days. Ilse, come! I have a sublime idea. That really happen sometimes? Karlsbader Journey? […]

PORSCHE Museum Stuttgart – Veronice to trochu nevyšlo při couvání!

Welcome to our new video Tips for Trips by VÉČKO.tv In this part we visit PORSCHE museum in Stuttgart, Germany So, it will be mainly for fast and luxury car lovers This video is sponsored by ASP Group Distributing Exclusive importer of american ATV by ARTIC CAT www.aspgroup.cz and how to go more stylish to […]

Baja Bugs – The People’s Beetle and Classic Desert Racer

The VW Beetle is the bestselling vehicle of all time. Since production began in 1938 over 21 million have been sold. It’s a classic design which still dominates one of the toughest motorsports in the world, off-road racing. JUDY SMITH: My name is Judy Smith. I’m basically a housewife, but when I can, I drive […]

Ferdinand / Elefant Fakten und Mythen [ENG SUBS]

The development history of the Ferdinand is well known at the tender stage Henschel and Porsche were in competition with each other Porsche was sure to win that and built already 90 housings But Henschel won unexpected Hitler and Speer decided to use the Porsche built housings for building tank destroyers. In the spring 1943 […]

PORSCHE 917 Conversion TEST

A film by Stefan Schiebel The legend. The PORSCHE 917 was presented for the first time 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland. Steve McQueen made an eternal monument to the car with the movie “Le Mans”. On 21. August 2017 the car was auctioned. With about 14 million dollars it was the most expensive Porsche in the […]

Porsche moves from Austria to Germany

The Porsche, initially born in Gmund, Austria, was transferred in 1952 to Zuffenhausen, near, Stuttgart, maintained hand-crafted production. The young Ferry overtook the company, after the death of his father Ferdinand. While Ferry’s son Ferdinand Alexander, called Butzi, became responsible of the design and style office. Also Ferdinand Piech, another Ferdinand’s grandson, joined the team […]