Mes voitures préférées du Salon de l’Auto de Bruxelles

Here I am, back at Dream Cars. Tomorrow the Brussels Motor Show opens. Today is press day. Saturday it is Dream POG. You’re not allowed to get on the podium, no crossing the barriers. No getting on cars. 4000 people The Dream Pog video is coming soon Look at the size of the brake discs, […]

Is The Audi RS5 WORSE Than The M4 or C63?

Oh the Audi RS5. To the casual on-looker the Audi RS5 looks no different than an A5 or an S5 In fact they probably don’t even know what an RS5 is. It’s sleek its sexy but so are most Audis but for the people in the know the RS5 is something special. That more aggressive […]

Audi de 400 cai Vs. Pilot de Raliu

Hello dear friends, I’m Andy Popescu. I know it’s been a long time since the first part with this Audi RS3 But I thought that before we begin the second part that I should first of all present you some elements of the car So that we familiarize ourselves with the design of this beautiful […]

Toyota GT 86 – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (puntata pilota) ENG.SUBS

Not all revolutions must deny their past and what history can teach In some cases, going back to the pure old school can determine the real progress. This, is the Toyota GT86 and it’s the tangible evidence of this theory. Everything superfluous is put aside and the focus is on the chassis, the suspensions on […]

DT Test Drive — Lamborghini Urus. Новый король SUV?

What’s there to do if there are too many G-Class SUVs around, Cayenne isn’t brutal enough and Bentley is too slow… Lamborghini provided a solution. We’re at their factory today. This is Dragtimes test-drive, this is new Lamborghini Urus. Curb weight [DIN-CURB]

Japoneza sau Turcoaica? Honda Civic

3, 2.1 The ASC turned on (Automatic Stability Control) Reached 100km/h with the second gear… When I hear the exhaust… ready Pic Pic (syncronizing cameras) Greetings dear friends Im Andy Popescu and today we make a vlog with a Japanese Here with us today is…? Hamit Aykurt Are you a nationality …? from Turkey What […]

Cum de si-a permis un Audi R8 V10 de 200.000 EUR

STOP, STOP! IT’S OK …OK. Camaro has over 10-12 places What car do you use every day? This one! Hi, dear friends, I’m Andy Popescu and today we are doing a vlog with: Alin Pyp. What does Pyp come from? Pyp was my grandfather’s name. In fact, his name was Pipoi, and that was an […]

Lamborghini URUS 🔥 | Najszybszy SUV na świecie! | Pierwszy polski test | FUN and DRIVE

A subscriber named Agnieszka called us and said she’s looking for a big SUV, a much more S than U one. – Any particular price range? She didn’t say and that’s why we suggest no less than the Lamborghini Urus! It’s supposed to be the world’s fastest SUV. And it sure as hell is! Hit […]


Hello,dear friends Come with me and see what i filmed in that day when i took the S8 on circuit Filmed last month at Adancata with my brother Doc. I propose to Doc (my brother) to try the …… The S8 You can give us a feeling in real time Let me take a spin… […]

Toyota’s New CVT Has A Launch Gear

Hello everyone and welcome! So you’re thinking to yourself, I want a sports car and so you head to the Toyota dealership. Well, they don’t sell a lot of sports cars so that doesn’t make all that much sense, but now you’re saying I want a sports car with a CVT. I don’t really get […]