Boxing tonight: Schedule, TV channels, live streams, fight times, undercards and odds

 Josh Warrington and Oleksandr Usyk are the headline attractions tonight as boxing returns to our screens  Warrington will defend his featherweight world title against Sofiane Takoucht in Leeds while Usyk will make his heavyweight debut in Chicago  Warrington won his world title by beating Lee Selby at Elland Road last year before defending it against […]

Mayweather vs. McGregor – ‘180 Million Dollar Dance’ Trailer

What if you were in the ring. With Floyd Mayweather. What do you think would happen? If I get the itch to come back. It really won’t be for the money but I have to get paid. You know that’s why the nickname is Floyd ‘money’ Mayweather. If you’re asking, would I’d like to fight […]

Marcial and Rhian get into an emotional reunion | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

– Hello, Jessie? – Hello, Ethan? Any updates on Papa? According to the latest reports, Tito Marcial was last spotted in Sto. Niño. But he managed to escape from the men who abducted him. They’re still searching for him. I have to see Mama. Just call me if you receive any updates, okay? I will, […]

RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 7: Dance Dance Infiltration | Rooster Teeth

♪ There’s a point where it tips ♪ ♪ There’s a point where it breaks ♪ ♪ There’s a point where it bends ♪ ♪ And a point we just can’t take ♪ ♪ Anymore ♪ ♪ There’s a line that we’ll cross; and there’s no return ♪ ♪ There’s a time and a place; […]


ScottDW BELL RINGS ScottDW hey Hey whats wrong nothing how did you do in the atimal test watch it geek! uh sorry what did you say to me oh ho ho hooo FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT lets do this! *Yells* fight fight Yo Im like a wonder This is the *dance […]

John Wick 1: His Name Is John Wick!

Avi: As expected we won’t be hearing from them anytime soon. Viggo: Or ever.. Viggo: That’s a nice jacket. Iosef: Yeah, thanks Avi: Should I go? Viggo: No [Viggo Speaks Russian] Avi: Vigo; English please? Come on! Viggo: Stay goddamit! Iosef: What did I do? [Vigo Speaks Russian] Iosef: We did what you asked! No […]

Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me PARODY! Key of Awesome #62

BIEBER That guy sure was grumpy No one can touch me As long as I’m swaggy Whatever that means Your daddy told me that he’d murder me but I’m sure he was bluffing That fool don’t know me I do Pilates and Karate’s, and he’s fat and disgusting I’m hot shit, I’m way cool I’m […]