TV commercial film for Volkswagen Beetle “Funeral”

I’m naturally stably being of sound mind and body to hereby bequeath the following. To my wife, Rose, who spent money like there was no tomorrow, I leave 100 dollars and a calendar. To my sons, Rodney and Victor, who spent every dime I ever gave them on fancy cars and fast women, I leave […]

Hile Yolu – (Full Film) Tek Parça – English Subtitle

In February 2004, Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist from Turkey……made an interview arguing that Sabiha Gökçen, the adopted daughter of Atatürk,……and the first female pilot in Turkey, was an orphaned Armenian girl.Then the things deteriorated in Turkey.People came at me and the General Staff published a notice indicating……that the person whomsoever publishes actual news has […]

Audi R8 – 360° Nürburgring

OK, and the pressure is like we discussed? Perfect, I mean you guys – great team work. Thank you! Hey, there you are. Welcome to the #LeagueofPerformance. It’s all about power, precision and testing everything at the limits. Look what we are going to ride in today: The Selection 24h R8. Only 24 were made. […]

Porsche 356 – Capital In Denmark

Moose Car Wash: Mother And Baby Deer Lick SUV Clean

JOHN: Moose car wash as you can see. Lovely job! JOHN: Little moose calf cleaning my car. JOHN: My group and I are up at Jasper’s Maligne Lake in Alberta, Canada in the Canadian Rockies. And we have got a moose cow and calf that have surrounded our vehicles and are starting to lick the […]

Porsche Holding – Film über Unternehmensgeschichte (von KG Media Factory)

Porsche 911R Old & New / The grandfather of all racing Porsches / PATINA

Upon opening the doors, you’ll feel they’re light as a feather. The windows go down with a leather strap. The windshield is thinner than the standard ones. There are air vents in the small quarter windows at the rear of the car. The indicators of a NSU. It also has the tail lights of a […]

Mister Rogers Remixed (B-Side) | Sing Together | PBS Digital Studios

Hi Neighbor, I’m glad we’re together again today. I’ve been thinking about music. I guess you know that I really love music. It’s been very, very important to me since I was very little. We can sing together. La la la la la la I just felt like dancing as I was sitting in my […]

Le Mans ’66 – La grande sfida (2019) ★★★★☆

Ford hates guys like us,because we’redifferentCarroll Shelby is the driver who won the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most difficult auto race of the world. When he finds out he can’t race anymore, he starts building cars with his friend Ken Miles. Together they’ll take the challenge set by Ford to beat Ferrari […]