Dan and Phil play JUST DANCE

D: Hello DanandPhilGames Buddies P: Hello! D: So something quite exciting has happened… P: Wait wait wait wait wait. Need to make it official (Phil toots the announcement moose) D: Really? P: Yes D: DanandPhilGames has a million subscribers!!!!! Dan and Phil: Woooo!! D: Can’t help but feel that was slightly more underwhelming than we […]

Souped Up School Bus: Custom Motor Helps Charities Across The World

JERRY: Once you see it, you never forget it! COMM: Shortcut High is a custom built hot rod school bus, and it was the creation of Jerry Bowers. JERRY: I like to build something I can drive on the street and really enjoy more than working on all the time. MAN: I’ve been to a […]

Giant Pit Bull Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter | DOG DYNASTY

00:00 MARLON: The puppies could potentially be as big as Hulk, if they’re all trained as protection dogs they could be worth in excess of half a million dollars. Absolutely. 00:13 COMM: Dark Dynasty K9’s who breed protection dogs, made international headlines in early 2015, when they unveiled their prize pit bull Hulk. Who weighs […]

Crown Prince Wilhelm – Front Line Visits – Trench Entertainment I OUT OF THE TRENCHES

Jamie Foxx Has Footage of Whitney Houston Singing Karaoke (Extended Interview)

[ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, God. [ Laughs ] What — What — -[ Coughs ] I’m sick, dawg. -I know you’re sick. -I just want to make sure, you know…. -You’re spraying — Is that, like, Purell? -Yeah, you know, but don’t you hate it when people are sick and they still embrace […]

Iron Harvest – Frontline Entertainment – Fighting Minorities I OUT OF THE TRENCHES

[foppish accent] Oh, I didn’t see you there. Hi. I’m Indy Neidell, and this is another exciting episode of ‘Out of the Trenches’ where I sit here in the Chair of Wisdom, and answer all your questions about the First World War. ♪ Theme Music ♪ Lilly Mackie from Patreon writes: They estimate that around […]

Mad Max Fan Recreates Original Interceptor Car

DALE: You can shut the gate on that one Maxie, it’s the ducks guts. COMM: Over 3 decades ago, 50-year-old Dale Walter from Michigan, set his heart on recreating one of cinemas most iconic cars. DALE: Mad Max is one of my very top favourite movies of all time and when I was sitting there […]

Handmade Ferrari 250 GTO: Man Builds Perfect Replicas Of Classic Cars

00:08 COMM: The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most desirable cars ever produced. 00:17 COMM: Just 39 were built between 1962 and 1964. And they’ve sold at auctions for up to 38 million US dollars. This replica, however, was built in a chicken shed in New Zealand. And could be worth over a […]

Ultimate Boy’s Toys: Brothers Build Super Tank And Mobile SWAT Shield

COMM: This whopping £8,000 super tank makes light work of the toughest winter terrain. COMM: Meet the Ripsaw. COMM: The all-terrain track vehicle is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Geoff Howe. MIKE: We were just kind of pushing the envelope on developing off-road capability and extreme with tractor tires and big engines and big […]

Mechanic Converts $400 Rust Bucket Into America’s Best Custom Car

JF: The car was built over the course of six years, it took 22,000 man hours to build it. Just a lot of blood, sweat and tears. COMM: This fully customised Buick Riveria has been a labour of love for Canadian JF Launier. He’s been renovating vehicles since the age of thirteen. But in 2014, […]