Volkswagen Helix Sound System

Hello and welcome to my channel. Today I’m going to tell you about Volkswagen’s Helix subwoofer accessory and whether it’s right for you. The Helix subwoofer accessory is more than just a subwoofer and amplifier. It’s a full sound system upgrade for the base infotainment system found in most Volkswagens. The system features a five-channel […]

Audi TT Mk1 buyers review

The first generation TT was a sensation upon introduction. It was almost the same as the concept car from a few years before. Taking it in production was brave of Audi. The car got criticized for the looks being more important than the handling. The TT doesn’t handle badly. Inside, pretty materials were used. 15 […]

2020 Honda CR-V | 4 Things You Need To Know | Steve Hammes

To say this current generation CR-V has been a success would be a gross understatement. Redesigned for 2017 replete with major improvements, the CR-V and its car counterpart the Civic are Honda’s darlings; their only models that tally over 30,000 sales each per month. So here are 4 things you need to know about the […]

2019 Toyota Tacoma | Why NOT to Buy | TestDriveNow

The smaller, midsize truck segment as it is now called is red hot again with a trio of new entries about to shake things up. But no matter what the competition throws at it the Tacoma is the mainstay best-seller. In full disclosure, I own a Tacoma; a 2001 Prerunner that’s been in my family […]

Rembrandt Bugatti | Film zur Ausstellung / Film on the exhibition

Rembrandt Bugatti was truly a naturally born sculpture and portraitist. He is a person who was very interested in the interior lives, the communication of the animals between one another, that’s something that truly makes him stand out. In this exhibition we present 83 works by Rembrandt Bugatti, 83 sculptures. We have an entire series […]

FERDINAND GT3 RS – The World`s slowest Porsche

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, We are here near the city of Salzburg, at the “Salzburgring”, in the middle of car race-loving Austria. I am very pleased to present you today a superlative event of carsports. The Ferdinand GT3 RS. is an aristocratic descendant of a world-wide known family of race cars. GT3 stands for gran […]

Top 10 SUV’s Under 10 Lakh In India 2018

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$40,000 3-Row SUV Challenge

I am Patrick Olson with we’re here in sunny Southern California with our three row SUV challenge now we had some rules for these cars had to be forty thousand dollars or less including destination that at least 90 miles per gallon combined we want judges from from motorWeek from USA today to […]