2018 Ford Edge Review: The Mid-Size SUV You Need

The Ford Edge is a great mid-sized SUV for those without the need for 3 rows but who need a little more space than found in the smaller Escape. The Edge is a sporty, versatile SUV with all of the latest and greatest features from Ford. What makes the Edge one to consider when shopping […]

Is the 2019 Ford Edge ST Worthy of the ST Badge? | Edmunds

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Ford says nobody buys cars anymore, except the Mustang. So it isn’t going to make cars anymore, except the Mustang. The new focus, no pun intended, is SUVs. Since its introduction 10 years ago, the Ford Edge has been steadily improving. 2019 brings us the most technologically advanced, sophisticated Ford Edge yet, […]

Introducing the New 2019 Ford Edge ST: Capability Meets Power | Edge | Ford

[SOUND] I think it’ll fit. [MUSIC] Want a performance car that actually fits your life? [SOUND] Introducing the new 2019 Ford Edge ST. [MUSIC] Capability meets power, in the first SUV from the Ford performance team. The new 2019 Ford Edge ST.