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Der neue Ford Mustang als SUV und elektrisch? Mustang Mach-E

Hey guys, today I’ll show you the brand new Ford Mustang. But it’s not a standard one, it’s a fully electric car. And it’s not even a standard electric car – it’s an electric Mustang SUV. If you keep asking yourselves now: What has this car to do with a Ford Mustang? I will show […]

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Hi guys. Welcome to MotorBeam. The SUV body-type is the fastest growing segment globally. Ford has just completed 50 years of making SUVs and we have come down to the beautiful country of Philippines to experience a wide range of Ford SUV’s in their own terrain. We first tried the Ford Explorer. Driving at high […]

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[MUSIC] Did you know that your car may be equipped with a feature that’s designed to help reduce the amount of fuel you use? It’s called Auto Start-Stop technology. Let me explain. Auto Start-Stop technology is always on unless you turn it off by pushing the Auto Start-Stop off button. So, it will be active […]

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(“Brandy” by Looking Glass) ♪ There’s a port on a western bay ♪ ♪ And it serves a hundred ships a day ♪ – [Announcer] If you build a truck tough enough to pull this much forward, you better make sure it’s smart enough to back it all up. ♪ The sailors say, “Brandy, you’re […]

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Pneumatici da sistemare? Come usare il kit di gonfiaggio degli pneumatici. È pericoloso guidare con uno pneumatico forato. Se la vostra auto non dispone di una ruota di scorta, utilizzate il kit di gonfiaggio degli pneumatici. Per prima cosa, seguite questi importanti passaggi di sicurezza. 1. Fermatevi in un punto non trafficato. Assicuratevi di aver […]