Hot Rod Build Project – 1930 Ford Model A

As arrived stripping the paint fabricating the chassis radiator relocated to the rear welded in floor cross-members making templates for the interior fabricating the firewall chopping the roof 5 inches well its my birthday! forming the air intake look at those welds!

Formula Ford EcoBoost. Street Legal Racer on Road and Nürburgring – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[CAR ENGINE] CHRIS HARRIS: It’s bonkers! The Formula Ford is the classic single-seater racing car experience. More future world champions have started in Formula Fords than any other type of racing car. But there’s one behind me with a number plate on it. Sometime last year, some people at Ford with a great sense of […]

Introducing the New 2019 Ford Edge ST: Capability Meets Power | Edge | Ford

[SOUND] I think it’ll fit. [MUSIC] Want a performance car that actually fits your life? [SOUND] Introducing the new 2019 Ford Edge ST. [MUSIC] Capability meets power, in the first SUV from the Ford performance team. The new 2019 Ford Edge ST.

Make Your Car Shine More Than Others! -ThunderBird – E-ZYME & Speed Wipe – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today we’ve got a 1957 Ford Thunderbird in the shop. It has been sitting in my buddies shop for about the past six months collecting dust. So starting with a wash using EcoSmart to pick up any debris without scratching while leaving behind a layer of […]

K-Code Mustang, a rat rod bus, and a whole lot more | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 40

(country acoustic guitar music) – I’m driving around Midland, Texas. I think I’m the only guy in town not wearing cowboy boots. We met a gentlemen the other day at lunch who just happened to, “Is that your Woody?” I said, “Yeah.” I said, “Is that your Model T Bucket?” He said, “Yeah,” so we […]

These Are the Trucks People Love to Hate | WheelHouse

(energetic percussive music) – Like America herself, the pickup truck has become the melting pot of the automotive world. (engine roaring) Everyone has their own idea of what the pickup should be, but some people like to hate on the scenes they’re not part of. And that bugs the sh (missing audio) out of me. […]

Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador! Roadkill Episode 5

if you had twenty-four hours with these two cars what would you do as it turns out our company is sort of annoyed with all that dirt ball stuff that we’ve been doing on road kill so they threw money at us they give a six thousand dollars so we went and rented this Lamborghini […]

Augie Pabst’s Fiat and Military Tanks | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 12

365ft Barn, dusty Jaguar E-Types and an angry opossum | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 20

– Whoa. – [Man] (squeals and laughs) (car engine revving) (rock music) – I mean, this is what dreams are made of. Riding on a road and seeing two headlights staring at you like this. – This building is longer than a football field, it’s 365 feet long. – Steve used to be on Dale […]