Welcome to the 4th episode of Moto Histories You know what, when I looked at different car companies I came into a conclusion that their histories are quite similar. Think about it. There usually is a guy, and this guy has an idea, and he makes it into a plan, and this plan into reality. […]

Group B Worship: Ford RS200 and Audi Sport Quattro – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[MUSIC PLAYING] The RS200 was designed to be nothing other than a rally car. It didn’t have to look like a Sierra or an Escort or something that had to be sold in the showrooms. Much like the Lancia Stratos and the 037, it was designed to win rallies. It was a prototype in the […]

Porsche History – 356 Speedster and 911

In the car history, the horse figure doesn’t only represent Ferrari. There is also the female horse, the symbol of the city of Stuttgart, in the middle of the Porsche shield together with deer’s horns and black and red stripes, the emblems of Baden Wurttemberg, the region where the German car producer is based. Porsche […]

Porsche History – Car Racing Champion

In the 1960s 911 expands with more powerful engine 160 hp and new versions. At that time Porsche cars won many important races, also with private pilots. From then until today Porsche won over 23,000 titles in all car racing categories. 911 evolved from year to year adding new models as Targa, a convertible with […]

Porsche History – Paris-Dakar Vicotries

A revolutionary car for Porsche was the 959 Turbo with integral traction. In 1984 Porsche won the Paris-Dakar with a 911 4×4. Then the German producer presented the 959 with a mixed air/liquid cooling, which won Paris Dakar in 1986 and was produced in a limited edition. In the same years Porsche performed very well […]

Ford is chasing Tesla with an electric Mustang SUV

(upbeat music) – Hey everybody, this is Sean from The Verge and I’m standing in front of Ford’s first mass market all-electric vehicle, the electric Mustang Mach-E SUV. Now we’ve known about this vehicle for a little while. Ford first teased at the Detroit Auto Show in 2018. And since then there’s been almost two […]

2017 Large 4WD SUV Comparison – The Verdict |

Our 2017 Large 4WD SUV Comparison tested rival ute-based off-readers in conditions Australian buyers intend to experience. On this year’s test we pit the Ford Everest Holden TrailblazerIsuzu MU-XMitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner against one another in South Australia’s spectacular- and demanding – Flinders Ranges. All challengers were as closely matched on specification and […]

How to Replace ABS Wheel Speed Sensor On A 2006 – 2011 Honda Civic

all right guys we’re working on a 2007 Honda Civic EX I have the ABS light on as you can see and the part we’re going to replace is that ABS wheel speed sensor I bought this at autozone it was twenty nine dollars around there I believe this is the sensor which we’re going […]

Auto Start-Stop Technology: Ford Cars and SUV’s | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know that your car may be equipped with a feature that’s designed to help reduce the amount of fuel you use? It’s called Auto Start-Stop technology. Let me explain. Auto Start-Stop technology is always on unless you turn it off by pushing the Auto Start-Stop off button. So, it will be active […]