MOVIE FOR CATS – 😺 FEATHER SURPRISE (Entertainment Video for Cats to Watch)

Cat Games (Entertainment video for cats and kittens) – Feather Surprise

DMA & HDMA – Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 07

This video is part 7 in a series about Super Nintendo Entertainment System features. This time we’ll learn how the processor communicates with external memories such as OAM, VRAM, and CGRAM. This will lead into Direct Memory Access, DMA, and eventually H-Blank DMA. Some of the devices the processor communicates with in addition to main […]

5 Second Rule with Sofia Vergara — Extended!

– All right, tWitch is going to ask us questions and we have to name three things before five seconds is up and then that’s how we play the game. I’ll start, so you can see how we play the game. – Okay? both: Okay. – Ellen, name three famous Jennifers. – Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer […]

Backgrounds & Rendering – Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 03

This video is part 3 in a series about Super Nintendo Entertainment System features. Here, we’ll figure out what backgrounds are, how tile maps work, and what specifically a character is. Backgrounds are almost everything that objects aren’t. With the exception of some external chip effects like SuperFX and DSP-1, if anything on the screen […]


Cat Games (Entertainment video for cats and kittens) – intruder

EXTREME Pause Challenge – Win $10,000

Pause Hey jenson pause Pause! Pause screaming pause no pause

Brie Larson Shows Off Her Dance Moves with tWitch

You mentioned that you have been dancing. You didn’t mention that, but I’m saying it. Yeah, we didn’t talk before this. No, not at all. Now you know that. Yes, you have been dancing lately. I have been. Why is that? My heart. It’s good for the soul. It is. Yeah. It’s good for joy. […]

100 Years Of Dance (GAME)

– Are these dances solid gold? – Or super old? – Let’s talk about that. – Good mythical morning. – And please welcome, from World of Dance on NBC, our new friend Derek Hough. – What’s up everybody? Yes, yes, yes. – We’ve done it, Derek. – We did it. – We got you on […]


AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OOF! *face of regret* Pause! pause! *for like the 100th time in a row* no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOO Pause! No! *screams like the mans about to die* Pause! Pauseeeee *water goes down the drain like morgz’ career, jk* Pause! help! i cant breathe! Pause! AhhHhHHhHhhHhHHhHhHhHh *Leaf blower makes kira’s face look like […]

Beat Battle with Rebel Wilson

-Tonight, I thought we’d see which of us knows more music in a game we call “Beat Battle.” [ Cheers and applause ] -♪ Beat battles ♪ ♪ Beat me ♪ ♪ Battles ♪ -Okay. So, is this like a beat off? -Kind of. No, no. No, that’s — -‘Cause that means something in Australia. […]