2010 FJ Cruiser How-To: Compass | Toyota

How To Install Car Android Radio Navigation Seicane S6920G on the Volkswagen Head Unit

hello and welcome to my channel in this video I will show you how to change the old CD player with a new radio car navigation with android 8.0 from Seiken we start with this assembly of the vent hole it is fixed with clamps around it and for opening we will use plastic tool […]

How To Use the Navigation System in the 2020 Toyota Supra

– [Narrator] In this video, we’ll walk you through using navigation on select Toyota GR Supra models. To operate Supra’s navigation system, use the remote Toyota Supra Command Controller to control the central multimedia screen. Selecting the navigation tab from the main menu, will open a new menu with options like Enter Address, Recent Destinations, […]

Toyota Navigation Stereo 2003-2004

This is the receiver for a Toyota 4runner 2003-2004 It can fit in other Toyota’s cars like the Camry, Avalon.. When ever they came with premium packages. It plays CDs, no MP3 And it plays cassettes also. This particularly unit is made by Fujitsu Ten, a Japanese company very related to Toyota. But there is […]

Boxster 986 : comment installer un autoradio MP3 + GPS – Tuto

Hi Guys, this is Piston Kirk ! Today I wish to show you how to change the car radio on a Boxster 986 Why should we want to replace a radio? Well because it is in fact the only weakness of this youngtimer. In fact, if you by chance own a model well equiped, in […]

Lowrance Elite Ti Switching Sonar Modes

Ok guys, so one thing I do want to talk about is this: yes this unit does do CHIRP and yes this unit does do side scan but you can’t run CHIRP and side scan both at the same time. So if I’m up here and I want to put this chart in CHIRP, I […]