How Your Favorite Racing Games Help Automakers | WheelHouse

(mellow techno music) – Forza Horizon 4 dropped a few weeks ago, and I’ve been playing it pretty much nonstop. But there’s something weird going on. While the game’s roster of nearly 450 cars is all well and good, there’s one glaring brand omission. To the dismay of fans all over the world, Toyota decided […]

Foam Gun vs. Foam Cannon – Best Car Washing Tools For You! Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys welcome back. So today we’re going to go over this awesome Maserati we have in the shop. I’m going to do a full foam wash on it today using our two bucket method. But before I get on to the foaming part and washing the vehicle. I want to go over some questions […]

Unboxing My Dream Sim Racing Setup | The Bestest

– A lot of gamers play in racing chairs. But if you’re playing racing games, you’re gonna want a high quality racing cockpit, something I’ve wanted for many, many, many years. Then about a week after I released my sim racing video, Fanatec hit us up all the way from Germany and said they wanted […]