How to replace front wheel bearing HONDA JAZZ 1 TUTORIAL AUTODOC

Use a socket №32 Use a socket №17 Use a phillips screwdriver Using sidecutting pliers remove the cotter pin Use a socket №17 Use a combination spanner №19 Use a socket №10 Use a socket №17 and a combination spanner №17 Use round nose pliers to take the locking ring out Use a hydraulic press […]

Volkswagen Arteon 2017 review

There’s a guy watching us from the bushes. What’s this? The Volkswagen Arteon. It’s easy to call it a Passat, but it looks completely different. First, it has a much longer wheelbase. 5 cm doesn’t seem much, but it changed the interior for the passengers. There’s much room; I’ll show you in a sec. Look […]

Audi RS 3 Sedan rijtest

This is a fun car, but the price is a problem. We’re going to find out one thing in this video. Is this car worth the same price as a detached house in Rotterdam? You can buy that for the price of this guy, the most expensive A3 of the Netherlands. You’re thinking I’m joking, […]

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

It’s become a tradition now. Every time a generation of the Volkswagen Golf nears an end, an extra crazy special GTI-version gets released. The enthusiasts might remember the Golf II G60, or a Golf V Edition 30. More recently, you had the pre-facelift Golf VII Clubsport. I can remember that car really well, and especially […]

How to replace front wheel bearing TOYOTA YARIS XP10 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Use a socket №30 Use a socket №17 Using sidecutting pliers remove the cotter pin Use a combination spanner №17 Use a special puller to take the tie rod end out Use an open-end wrench №19 Remove the ball joint with a special puller Use a socket №19 and a combination spanner №19 Use round […]

Volkswagen Golf 7.5 R Performance met Akrapovič goodness!

There was only 1 thing the Golf R needed improving on: more sound from the exhaust. I hope the subtitles… This is an insane amount of sound. This is the updated Golf R. A facelift is usually more LEDs, a new display, and a bigger infotainment system. I can tell you all about it, but […]

New Volkswagen Tiguan review

After building 2.8 million cars of the first generation Tiguan… That is a fun fact. I have another one for you. Completely useless. We forgot it with some driving tests, but we want to reintroduce the useless fact of the video. 3,000 soccer fields filled with cars. That is how many Tiguans were built. This […]

New Audi TT RS review

It’s convertible weather, so I’m wearing my sunglasses. We’re not just driving the TT RS convertible, but the coupe as well. We’ll do that on the track, but we’re going to look at the design of the car first. The new TT looks more aggressive than its predecessor, but the TT RS looks badass. Can […]

Audi Q5 buying advice

This was the best-selling Audi last year. In the world. That’s an achievement, because the car is nearly eight years old. It was introduced mid-2008. It’s 2016 now, so it’ll be eight years old this year. We’re talking about the Audi Q5. The reason why it’s a bestseller probably has to do with it not […]

My car: AUDI S4

MY CAR I think it’s strange to be a passenger in my own car. – I can imagine. And I’m not drunk. It’s been a while since I was so drunk someone had to drive me home. Was that with this car? – I wonder. My home situation is complicated. But today… – Today we’re […]