Volkswagen Golf 2018 Review – Boot Space – A different perspective

Oh it’s big in here, isn’t it? Eh? I said it’s big in here. Quarter past four. Oh, give me strength. You what? Nothing! Oh it’s so big in here, isn’t it? Yes, it is. What were you trying to say? That it’s big in here. I know, that’s what I just said. Hey, nice […]

SOLD – 2015 Toyota Prius Used Car

hi Troy Goodhue here from North London Toyota, I got another great deal for you so come on in check it out. Here we’ve got a 2015 Toyota Prius with under seventy four thousand kilometers on it it’s a one owner vehicle sold and serviced by us here at North London Toyota let’s go and […]

Staff Bikes: Harry’s custom Honda CB550 Four

Hi, I’m Harry I work here at the shop at The Bike Shed, and this is my Custom Honda CB550 Four. So I bought the bike back in 2014 when I was looking for a you know classic, vintage, cafe style bike, and I came across this thing online. The Honda CB550 Four. This bike […]

2015 Honda CR-V Review

the restyled headlights new grill address your fog lights on the 2015 honda CR-V we’re going to start to look pretty familiar in a while that’s because the CRV is perennial e one of the best-selling SUVs in the country so you’re going to start to see a lot of these on the road but […]

2020 Chevy Blazer Premier Review – (Best Family SUV?)

All right, stay on carpet We’re gonna be reviewing the 2020 blazer premier all-wheel drive and we’re gonna start with the interior right now All right, let’s get inside this 2020 blazer premiere this baby is nice check out the dashboard They’ve got this light there’s different. There’s multi tone here on the dashboard, which […]

Honda monkey moottorin kasaaminen/purkaminen

Hi, today I am going to dismantle monkeys engine I want to show you how it happen and what you need to take a notice Here we have an original engine and let’s start to dismantle engine First we have to take oils out of the engine Here you can find oil plug That bigger […]

Autoradio im Audi A4 B7 einbauen und die richtigen Adapter verwenden

Welcome in part 1 of the Audi B7, in this case it is a modell of ’06 as Avant, here we will install a new 2-Din multimedia car radio, we will show you which adapters you will need so that everything is working and looking great. We will show you how to remove the glove […]

2020 GMC Terrain SLE AWD Review (Most Affordable SUV?)

All right, it’s freezing out here but we’re gonna still do this review on the 2020 GMC All-wheel drive train get ready. Lt’s in the back here. He’s checking it out here. He comes get ready on car blew it All right, we’re huddled inside this GMC Terrain because it’s cold out we’re gonna get […]

2019 Audi A7: First Impressions in Detroit

the Audi A7 is an editorial favorite at cars comm among luxury vehicles and here we are with the highly anticipated second generation like a lot of other Audi redesigns the A7 looks kind of fundamentally similar to its predecessor but the devil is really in the details so check out some of those details […]

NEW Audi A6 Avant 50 TDI Quattro Review 2019

Lichter obsidian adjust the seat from here it’s pretty great and the door yes we are in the new Audi a6 and here’s the key so now we have electric seats and everything on this car and I want to show you a little bit of interior and I want to show you I just […]