Shiva’s Cosmic Dance = Law of Nature? 1300 Year Old Secret Revealed!

Hey guys, I am at the ancient KailasaNathar temple in Kanchipuram, and today we are going to look at a strange feature, related to geometry and sacred number system hidden here. Let’s take a look at this carving of Dancing Shiva. This is a brilliant carving done at least 1300 years ago, and you can […]

Sye Raa Teaser (Telugu) – Chiranjeevi | Ram Charan | Surender Reddy | #SyeRaaTeaser

“History recollects the sacrifices made by the legends like ‘Jhansi Laxmibai’, ‘Chandra Sekhar Azad’, ‘Bhagat Singh’” “But a warrior has been concealed in the pages of the History.” “He’s the Renaadu’s Sun who waged a war against the English for the first time.” Who is this Narasimha Reddy? He resembles a lion, my lord. He […]

The Truth about Hydrogen

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by Skillshare, home to over twenty thousand classes that could teach you a new life skill. As the world grapples to eliminate fossil fuels from our energy diet, electric cars have seen an incredible boom over the past few years. Last year, over one million electric […]

STATES (Bundesländer) of GERMANY EXPLAINED (Geography Now!)

Hey everybody, so as you know, we are working on the scripts for the next few country episodes, Which means this is gonna have to be a “Filler Week”! Heavily, heavily, heavily requested, This one is going to be on the states or Bundeslander of Germany. Germany is a powerhouse nation Obviously it is the […]

“When You Believe” cover by One Voice Children’s Choir

Many nights we’ve prayed With no proof anyone could hear In our hearts a hopeful song We barely understood Now we are not afraid Although we know there’s much to fear We were moving mountains long before We knew we could There can be miracles When you believe When hope is frail It’s hard to […]

Most Evil Popes in the History of Mankind

As Christianity eventually flourished and spread throughout the Western world, things became complicated. As the faith’s popularity rose, so did the power vested in those who sat in the papal seat. Nowadays we view the Pope as one who guides by example, leading a simple, ethical, and moral life. Yet, over the 2,000 years of […]

Marvel’s 80th Anniversary Panel | D23 Expo

[APPLAUSE] TOM BREVOORT: All right. Hello, D23. CB CEBULSKI: Hello, D23 Expo. How we doing? So my name is CB Cebulski and I am the Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics. TOM BREVOORT: And I’m Tom Brevoort. Tom and I are old school Marvel fans. I’m sure you guys are, too. One of the things we’re doing […]

The Evolution of the BMW 3 Series | Donut Media

The cars that wear the famous twin-kidney grill, have a long and glorious motor racing heritage. With success had come an opportunity to return to the old principles of excellence and high-performance. BMW had come a long way. BMW’s philosophy is never been to be wild with its cars, it’s an evolutionary styling just as […]

Are Higher Speed Limits Safer? | WheelHouse

To some people, speed limits are an absolute necessity for keeping our roads safe, But is that actually the case? Where’d they come from, How do we set them, and do they work? I’m Nolan Sykes and this is WheelHouse. One of the first speeding infractions for a car was written in 1899. A bike […]