You Won’t Believe the Horsepower this 2002 Honda Insight Puts Out

welcome to wacky Wednesday’s, where everyone has a chance to show off their car mods, and here’s this week’s winner, today I’m doing a video on my 2002 Honda Insight and why I think it’s the best car to own if you have a car you actually care about, this is the first production hybrid […]

This Car Will Change Honda Forever

rev your engines it looks like Volkswagen and Honda are taking opposite views on electric cars Volkswagen is speeding up their electrical vehicle production by 2023 to be making a million electric cars a year which of course might have something to do with it’s a European company they seem to be pushing electricity where […]

TFA VLOG | 2019 Honda Insight – The “Prius Killer”

Hey folks I’m super excited today because I finally get to talk about a car we’ve been waiting quite a while to see You guessed it! It’s hondas newest dedicated Hybrid The 2019 Honda Insight I’m Dustin and this is another Team Foui Automotive Vlog Team Foui Automotive is Canada’s top ranked automotive sales team […]

Is the 2019 Honda Insight Better than the Toyota Prius? | First Drive | Edmunds

CARLOS LAGO: It may look like the lovechild of the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic, but the new 2019 Honda Insight is a hybrid that delivers up to 55 miles per gallon. Are it’s nice looks and premium interior enough to take away from the Toyota Prius and Hyundai Ionic? That’s what we’re going […]

2019 Toyota Prius vs. 2019 Honda Insight — Hybrid Comparison Battle

ELANA SCHERR: The epic battles of automotive history– Corvette vs. 911, F-150 vs. Silverado, 3-Series vs. C-class, Camaro vs. Mustang. DAN EDMUNDS: And don’t forget– Honda Insight vs. Toyota Prius. [MUSIC PLAYING] ELANA SCHERR: These high mileage hybrids represent another iconic car pairing. DAN EDMUNDS: That’s right. These are the longest-running names in the hybrid […]