2020 Honda Odyssey // Forget SUVs; THIS is What Your Family Needs!

What’s going on YouTube? As you know many American families are choosing to drive crossovers instead of minivans but for those of you most serious about having an Uncompromised family machine minivans are still the only way to go that’s why we are checking out the latest version of Honda’s Odyssey at gates Honda in […]

2018 Toyota Sienna AWD vs. Odyssey

You’ve watched the experts compare the Toyota Sienna XLE with Limited package to the Odyssey Touring. Now, it’s time to hear it from a Mom-pert. I just made that term up, it didn’t come out as cool as I thought but we’re going with it. Let’s do this thing. Did you know that the Toyota […]

2018 Honda Odyssey Touring Rear Entertainment System

There’s another feature of the 2018 Honda Odyssey that I’m excited to tell you about: the rear entertainment system. This system allows passengers to play movies on the ceiling mounted 10.2 inch LCD screen. Hey… I know that guy…. Passengers can watch DVD’s or Blu-Rays by inserting them here. You can also use the 2018 […]