2020 Honda Odyssey // Forget SUVs; THIS is What Your Family Needs!

What’s going on YouTube? As you know many American families are choosing to drive crossovers instead of minivans but for those of you most serious about having an Uncompromised family machine minivans are still the only way to go that’s why we are checking out the latest version of Honda’s Odyssey at gates Honda in […]

Why Not to Buy a Honda Odyssey

rev up your engines, teriyaki one-two-three, asks what do you think about newer Honda Odysseys 2006 and up, the Honda Odysseys have always had problems with their automatic transmissions, period they just do and even the 2007-08s, I had customers that they went bad on them, they just have never built good automatic transmissions, and […]

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2018 Honda Odyssey – Long-Term Ownership Intro

If you’re a fan of Homer, no not Simpson but the old Greek writer guy, then you’ll know one of his books, the Odyssey. It tells the story of Odysseus’s ten-year long voyage home from the Trojan War. We learned folk over at Kelley Blue Book are excited about our own upcoming adventure with the […]

2016 Honda Odyssey SE Review – AutoNation

What we have here today is the 2016 Honda Odyssey SE. Now the SE stands for ‘Special Edition’. What makes this van so special? Well it’s all the features you get, and you don’t need to spend $60,000 to get them. First off, it has a DVD entertainment system with second row flip down screens. […]

2018 Honda Odyssey EX-Navi Review – Behind the Wheel

It is first a greek epic poem, written by Homer not Simpson, about the long journey of a man It is also defined as a voyage or a long wandering Now we, in the more populated areas in the Philippines know little something about long wanderings don’t we? Banilad man or EDSA, our traffic sucks […]

Honda Odyssey Long Travel Build ATV Front Suspension

Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey – AutoNation

When it comes to moving your family around, there’s a reason the minivan has stood the test of time. The formula just works. With plenty of space and convenient access, small front-wheel drive vans offer economy utility and comfort. Plus, the industry has kept both technology and performance up-to-date, giving us the best minivans in […]