31 ESSENTIAL First Time IRELAND Travel Tips

Ireland, the Emerald Isle is a stunning country full of ancient history and some of the most warm people that you’ll ever meet. Top of the morning to ya! Have ye seen me pot of gold, mister? Huh? How about me potatoes? What? Are you a walking stereotype? No, I just wanted to like get […]

How To Give Your Car A Glossy Shine – Chemical Guys Car Care

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today I’ve got this dark blue KIA Optima in the shop. It belongs to a very good friend of the Detail Garage and she drives this car everyday so it has a lot of oxidation, scratches and swirls. The paint has a lot of contamination so […]


Welcome to this tutorial of water transfer I will show how this technique step by step and materials is done at your pocket I made three pieces in three different designs all done simultaneously, taking a total of 4 hours counting drying paint we will start with the necessary materials fine sandpaper of foam 3 […]

How To Sing Well – Tips For Learning How To Sing Good Today!

Hi. Aaron here from HowtoSing.com and I want to talk a little bit about how to sing well. Very broad topic but I want to hit a few things and then kind of just give you some ideas of how to sing well. First thing I want to talk about is singing from your diaphragm […]

Cómo cambiar tambores de frenos y pastillas de freno trasero VW LUPO INSTRUCCIÓN | AUTODOC

Use a phillips screwdriver Using a punch and a hammer remove the wheel bearing cap Use a socket №30 Treat the brake shoe seats with a copper grease

Singing Dog Leaves Simon Cowell Confused! | X Factor Global

What is your name? My name is Diana, and this is Jazz! We are a duo. Johnston [Coos] he doesn’t say She sinng maybe good yes, she started [dying]. I’ll just be clear here. [you’re] telling me that you and Jazz are a Duo Lastly [chiming], okay? Okay, how long have you been a Duo […]

The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu (Official Music Video)

It has been so long eating and drinking being merry How strange, How strange Taking our Great Mongol ancestors names in vain How strange, how strange Yet, would not honor our oath and destiny How strange, how strange Why the valuable ethics of ancestors become worthless? How strange, how strange Hey you traitor! Kneel down! […]

How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

(Marty) In this episode of MightyCarMods, we’re gonna show you how to put a fire extinguisher in your car. (Intro) (Moog) Welcome to another episode of MightyCarMods, proudly supported by Just Car Insurance. Now, no-one likes to be on fire, -do they, Martin? -No. Either a ring of fire downstairs, or a ring of fire […]

2015 Porsche 911 Carrera | Convertible Top Demo | Car Nation Canada DIRECT

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